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  1. But so far u only ear crickets on the distance last year we had already event and twitch gifts .... 😥
  2. 19 th january ??? u mean 13th tomorrow ...... dahm 6 years playing this im geting old
  3. ty but its solved already they fixed it last maintenance
  4. Hello so i play this game for a couple of years now and only now i decide to make all achivments but this one i cant complete and dont undertsand why i bought arachne root sealed and say i must have level 50 so if im 60 hm 25 cant unseal it anymore or its buged ??
  5. and how u get rest im hm26 and having hard time to do dungeons in normal way and easy mode dont give me nothing i need so for a lowbie is worst
  6. Only me or more ppl having same problem, since 3rd spec warlock released i kill same mobs as before and instead of repairing my weapon 2 times in one week i have to repair it 2 times per day ??? If i kill faster wasnt supose to last longer ??
  7. Same error Jinsoyun warlock - Bloody Morgana
  8. ... and why not dragon weapon skins and wings to, since we asking for stuff to buy with credits, instead of making all rng
  9. Thank you very much ur a life savior my hero
  10. all my purple ascension stones ware made by merge 8 , in past we could do it
  11. So i would like to know why every time i try to register to it, nothing happens only get page to play bns free ... is that normal '? Shouldnt receive message saying i aplyed to it sucessufly ? Or all players that are registered in NCSoft already get the gift no matter what ?
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