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  1. Hm...you spent hour creating a character in wildstar? Nice. Anyway...game has not only kill everything what moves quests. Take explorer path and you'll need to go to specific locations, explore map, some locations you need to reach are on top of tower or tree where you need to find way to climb up. Also it has really cool housing system. It gives huge space to build your house or houses, its up to you how many you build, you can choose premade ones or just use wood and stuff to build any house you like. If you spent hour customizing character, I bet you'd like to be able to build and customize
  2. I could post gameplay of original secret world...but that wouldn't be the same, because secret world legends have improved combat system, levels and stuff. But all quests,dungeons would be the same but they'd be played differently cause of new mechanics for weapons different skills and stuff :)
  3. Offhand? blade and soul does not have secondary weapon...also skills with 500 damage...i know you trying it to look like hard class, but if I'm corerct difficulty of class depnds on how easy/hard is to master combos not how high /low skill damage is.
  4. oh...also dont forget that soulshield sets increases AP..
  5. also dont forget that bruiser charms gives +10AP for 30 minutes. also one of soups gives 5 AP..so if he/she uses both gets free 15AP for 30minutes...max level soul gives 45 AP and since your is stage 1, its extra 30AP from soul. another 15 AP comes if he assigned all 45 points to offense...
  6. maybe he/she has all of those: higher AP gems than you higher level soul legendary weapon stage 6 or higher...or he/she is with true ivory weapon and soul stage 1? Oh..and you can take a screenshot with prtscr button..if you use laptop assign some unoccupied key for it :) no need to take picture of screen with cellphone :)
  7. Press P. there you will see hongmoon points. Add 20 to offense and you'll get 120AP for free
  8. yeah...that is ruining game too..anyway...the secret world legends is being released on june 26. It has nice story quests..and all missions are voiced. Its relaunch of secret world with improved combat. I just hope free to play model isn't going to ruin it. here is link to their webpage https://secretworldlegends.com/ and explanation about how weapons work..they created really unique system for weapons ;) https://secretworldlegends.com/news/deepdiveweapons/
  9. Yeah, still..if game will go to that direction game could end up being as I described...with no levels..and stuff...no one cares about other dungeons except 4 highest level ones and highest level raids...I really wouldn't like to see game ending up being 4 dungeons and 2 raids with all other content removed and game world being empty and deserted place...anyway...to hell with blade and soul..going to play FF XIV or wildstar or warcraft.... Oh and its not related but finally reached 100 comments ;)P
  10. I agree with you...but that just proves that game from MMORPG turning into dungeon crawler...where is nothing else to do but farm dungeons and raids 24/7...world outside dungeons is no longer important...as I said I wouldnt be suprised if: all dungeons below lv50 would be removed and npc was added which sells outfits from those dungeons all dungeons below lv50 would be accessed only during story mode all blue and daily quests below lv50 would be removed and only story quests left all normal levels removed and you start leveling hongmoon levels starting at act 1 you'd start with ivory
  11. Today i logged in into TW client to compare differences between regions . At first glance it looked nice. 2 more solo instances...4 new raids and 4 new dungeons compared to NA/EU , but...I realised that game goes into weird...wrong direction...all low level jars and pickaxes got removed ( I think its possible that all got removed even silverfrost ones), valor stones got removed too...tranbsformation stones too only silverfrost remained. You can ask what hapenned to professions...welll soul wardens now crafts only soulshields, some keys, serpent calling bell and 2x purification jars...radian
  12. Well. I got complete round 1. On first day. Now I can't login to game because I'm not a home but once I return I hope I'll get surprise prize reward. In previous events I got almost every single time even got purple venture token at least twice during same event. Now I'll wait and see what happens next.
  13. There are no such thing as 2 man dungeons. All dungeons are 6 player. But green ones are easy mode,blue ones normal and purple ones are heroic. Heroic can have normal mode and hard mode (used to be 4 man mode) . Each dungeon has unique outfit (sometimes it's two )which it drops. Want black ice outfit or lamentation ? Go farm sogun's lament. Want pirate princess? Go farm blackram supply chain. As for outfits from top 4: (Ebondrake citadel, desolate tomb,naryu foundry,naryu sanctum ) outfits drop from hard mode.
  14. Well clearing solo foundry and solo yeti is huge difference in terms of skill and gear. Also to get gold you'd need to clear it fast. In example to kill arcrimor in 5 minutes or less (foundry fast track). Rewards in boxes like everything inside boxes would be character/account bound so not possible to sell anything that dropped. Only wealth they'd gain is 100 gold,but that's nothing for rich people. They can just pay cash and thousands of gold each day... Another thing: you can get box only getting 10 pieces of same type. If you do 8 dungeons gold but last 2 silver you aren't getting any
  15. They used to be on market for 80 gold...not sure if they are still there. Just check the market if they're still sold
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