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  1. Killiefish and Nemises you' r right on how to beat him, but what he point out is also the lazy mech put on this boss. And Here can't say that dev did something ridiculous. Even you Killie agree somewhere on fact that finaly the best is to burst him instead of using brain, and yeah, more time come, more they do boss that way . The dreamsong theather first boss is certainly the most evident show of failure on making people using tactic.
  2. wrong place to post this, you should do it on french forum (mauvais endroit pour le poster, fait le sur le forum francais )
  3. yeah, lower HP, let s keep cheated AI, and just have HIGHT AP cause the game goes more brainless with big power, no tech needed ;)
  4. Real Cheater will find another way, don t worry for them. The open box & quick transmute, i ll use because this game, to the view of the dev, is "make all to have people loose time on this game" with stupid 1Km corridor with nothing to do but run to get to next spot, etc etc . They certainly know what is annoying to the player, but as long as we keep willing to play (and pay!), they keep those bullshit thing.
  5. Well. simple as Hell : nobody goes there, only whale. NC don't listen to player, but they watch statistic. if this is going dead event, they will learn from it, somehow ;)
  6. Non, c'est flagrant, il y'a du cheat et du bot à tout va, c'est grave frustrant. Au point que lorsque on tombe contre un vrai joueur, meme perdre est un plaisir, car au moins y'a eu un combat ! pas une boucherie sans nom. Honnêtement, je comptais reprendre un premium, mais la je me retient, juste pour le principe, car je ne peut pas supporter une équipe qui laisse perdurer un problème pareil. C'est contre mes principes. Alors je continue à jouer, mais jusqu'à quand? les mmo sont légions, je risque de partir assez vite. Je le dis comme ça, mais je pense qu'il y'en a plus d
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