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  1. Naksun 1000 achivement

    im wondering if i am the first one to have this achivement :D
  2. Naksun 1000 achivement

    thanks guys :D here a screen shot of my best time so far
  3. Will Dissolate Tomb even possible for NA people?

    not here to insult or show off, but you guys are wrong, and heres why. i started in marsh, only thing i paid for is 5$ of ncoins to unlock the mailing system and the premium membership for 3 months when i reached hm 9 (still about 50 days left), so you could say im a free to play player. im currently 704ap hm11 with 5 event gems and legendary stage 3 almost stage 4. you guys really are to stop complaining about everything like you are due something, and start playing the game as it was meant to, with other people! if you are to shy or to stubborn to join a clan and make friends than really, its not the games fault, its your own. now every single event can be done with gold alone, summer chest had a daily cap of 10/day with hmcoin, ~120 gold a day, for 2 weeks, thats more than 100 chests, with a 1.5%drop rate of a gem (amethyst 1% aqua .5%) + loot. than the 100 free pouches that had again, chances at a ruby and sapphire + loot. the coralites event had no limit, but a stage 7 could easily be reach if you spent an average of 50gold a day on coralites and on the cost of upgrades and the treasure trove event we currently have since today is one of the easiest way to actually make profit, and it was announce weeks ago, meaning you had plenty of time to prepare for the cost of the 6 additional slots and even have extras for a few days worth of keys (daily cap of 20) out of which you will turn a profit considering the possibilities, the selection of ANY hm gems and outfits. so no, blade and soul is NOT pay2win, not even by a long shot, and it is VERY DOABLE, it does require some dedication, which is what makes a game interesting in the long rong, specialy in the lastest content. if you are only playing to see your numbers grow, without wanting the challenge that comes with it while developing your skills, mastery of your class and synergy with your friends/clan than my friend, you are in the wrong game there are plenty of idle games that might just suit you better. ya, cross server is a pain, which is normal in a ROLE PLAYING GAME when teaming with people that youve never seen befor, and ya, there are some bots and some leechers, but than again, if you dont want to go cross server, you dont have to, theres plenty of clans recruiting, meaning you could easily find a group of people to run dungeons with and learn / teach at a fast pace. the only thing im gonna agree is the voice chat system, it would indeed help with communication. however if you are unable to invest time in the game, or pay for speed bump, than why would you expect to reach max content as fast as those who do? thats just none sens. ok im done. cheers.
  4. its funny, in old man cho its the opposite. absolutely no player base in the cerulean order, yet crimson is over populated with high HM characters. but NCsoft moto is replying to EVERY SINGLE issue with ''well its not as easy as it looks''. meanwhile not doing a thing to improve the situation. the lack of statements regarding issues is so damn frustrating. it is becoming clear that they simply dont want to spend any resources while players are still spending on the game. why pay to fix a problem when it isnt conflicting with the cash flow! Edit: you're dreaming if you think this is ever going to a big esports title if you cant fix anything that matters.