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  1. thanks guys :D here a screen shot of my best time so far
  2. im wondering if i am the first one to have this achivement :D
  3. not here to insult or show off, but you guys are wrong, and heres why. i started in marsh, only thing i paid for is 5$ of ncoins to unlock the mailing system and the premium membership for 3 months when i reached hm 9 (still about 50 days left), so you could say im a free to play player. im currently 704ap hm11 with 5 event gems and legendary stage 3 almost stage 4. you guys really are to stop complaining about everything like you are due something, and start playing the game as it was meant to, with other people! if you are to shy or to stubborn to join a clan and make friends than really, it
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