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  1. Punkace115

    MoW loot?

    Is there an existent list as to Merchant of Wonder's possible items offered?
  2. After updating to the most recent patch of Blade & Soul, I attempted to re-spec my training(KFM, Level 50 HM9) in the Martial Tome, though to my suprise the "Apply" button keeps giving off sparkles and is still not grayed out, and when I choose to close the Martial Tome, a popup window displays "There is unsaved Training. Change without saving?" And when I click yes, my skills all revert back to their defaults as if I just switched to Flame from Wind.
  3. I have installed the new BnS update very recently and was very eager to play it, though to my suprise, when I reached the character selection screen, it displayed the animation of my character's class(Jin Kung Fu Master, Female, this is the only one that I see causes the game to close), then closed and asked me to send a blank report. I sent it and tried selecting my cahracter, yet I could not due to my game continuously crashing.
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