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  1. Urban legend

    Any hopes that these costume will be back? Cuz no way to get it right now in game.
  2. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    Plz make any other way to obtain that Heart item or ppl will drop game cuz of that cancer. Literally i will drop game if nothing change. On that point in game started to appear items that are unreal to get, i dont see any point in playing. No worth to spend money and time. Dont belive that willbecome better in future if these not became better right now. Okay if you want it to PvP, but make fcking wheel spinnable for all at once and whith 5 sec time not 20. Thats cancer, not okay. These game is poor for players but not that bad to make such stuff. But if your goal is to make Bns more unplayeble then its great choise. Btw i played since max lvl was 45 and True scorpio top weapon. And that event made me wanna quit, think about it Ncsoft.
  3. Seraph stage 1

    Plz, fix legendary weapon Seraph, it is absolutely not normal that you spend 1k gold to get from True Ivorymoon to Legendary and get like 20% dps drop. Or you need to farm one more year to get straight to the stage 4-6. It is so unfair, ubnormal. So broken. Or, if it is possible, plz roll it back whith materials
  4. Unlock the Chi Master

    So there are no aprox dates when it will come out?