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  1. nah you are absoutely right, mistakes do happen, i understand that i don't get upset when they say sorry misclick/mistake my bad, etc etc we reset or continue on but when they give zero fks about what they are doing and just keep doing like they know what they doing then its when its just better to leave that's what i mean I dont mind inexperience people/mistakes/people who willing to learn etc its just ignorant ones that i have something against
  2. incoming more summoner bots since easier to level them pass/to 50 >.<" ALTHOUGH i hope this wont come to pass but seeing how it was somewhat of a grind to get to 50, this might just put more botters back in the game...
  3. with your current AP u should be able to get into a pretty successful asura run. I think you should attempt asura again, you will need those pieces for a good awhile until drake/legendary ss comes out near end of year possibly if NCsoft keeps to their time schedule. As for gears, i think you should upgrade a little more on accessories to possibly awaken oathbreaker or even maybe true oathbreaker before going for wep again, which is perfect since "MAYBE" you would want to obtain the accessory nebulas from this event (only if u dont want the asura ember/gems/fash/other goodies) anyways.
  4. Like not being an elitist or anything but sometimes, i still believe leaving is the best option, some are completely useless people who are just wasting your time because 1. they just want to be carried 2. they don't know the mechanics due to never ran it before/bothered with it 3. they just doing it cuz they wanna screw people over and have nothing better to do I do leave 4 man parties especially asura/nexus if people lie about being exp and does the most stupid things for e.g the other day, 4man nexus i said bomb this guy (first mini boss), but the guy refused to l
  5. IMO they should increase the block/spam filter list 200 isn't enough you help someone once, they spam the hell out of you for more help/free stuff/annoying crap 24/7 as if you owe it to them. 200 space aint enough when you are blocking them + blocking bot spammers
  6. i agree, it's the same for asura 4/6man 2nd boss the mobs are even color coded for you blue ads = stun green ads = knockdown yet people does the most stupidest things ever
  7. I mean sure... Does that mean if your guild leader ask the whole guild to commit suicide, you will all do that? If not then why does what your guild leader say is so important?
  8. I have been doing 6v6 since 500 ap sure it was a nightmare fighting 700+ groups but it did seem slightly fun, 1 700ap cant fight against 3 or 4 500s regardless how good they are given the 500s are knowledgeable enough in pvp. I done probably 50+ 6v6 since then and i can say i have won at least half of them. Sure i may be over 600ap now but 6v6 is something i enjoy and no i do NOT think EQUALIZED stats will help, as you are just simply encouraging botters to infest the place. We already have equalized arena for the people who want equalized pvp. I think, either increase rew
  9. Oh ok that makes ALOT more sense, and spirit of light only triggers when getting hit?
  10. it has always been 5 sec as far as i remember
  11. So, what you are trying to say is The Spirit of Darkness and Spirit only has a chance of triggering when you cast Sunder? (LMB in normal stance) and Spirit of Light only has a chance of triggering when you get hit? so for example. I go baleful and i am casting flicker, spirit of darkness has zero chance of triggering? Also you mentioned "because for now the black one is stringer till atleast up to stage 4", got no idea what stringer is you mean sunder? and according to the wep info in game atm (NA) it still says Sunder for stage 9 baleful.
  12. Then, what does the "driven buff" give me ? because i don't recall seeing a buff that i am not aware of on my buffs
  13. Kind of dumb then, i didn't have a KFM in my party, it shouldn't even show up on my logs, i have other target status/debuffs unticked...
  14. Hello I am a Blade Dancer and for my Combat Logs "Driven is now Active" or i Don't understand what Driven is ? is it a buff or another skill or what ?
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