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  1. the thing is they improve some things but at the same time they nerf others... look at the state of daily and weekly challenge... before the 25th july patch, daily didnt give gold either not bound to account materials and weekly gave a ton of materials (both kinds) and a ton of gold... now daily gives 5 gold (it's supposed to give more gold by rng but it doesnt) and tradable mats (0-1 moonstone and 0-1 elysian, joke in my opinion) and weekly gives now 6,5g each pleb raid (nerfed by a lot) and the same drop rate of tradable mats as daily... with this change they hurt the new player base and the
  2. keep with the story quest line... i recommend sticking with wind build for story quest, it has lots of AoE, when u get to chapter 17, u can decide between lightning and wind... i suggest u complete the story with wind and after change to lightning cause it deals more dps... when u get to level 55 u need to start doing daily challenges and improving ur character... but at this point the only thing u need to focus is getting up to level 55... it takes like 24h worth of playing... as for stats... till level 55 u dont need to worry... but the important ones are critical hit
  3. i dont know which is the problem... everyone can solo cold storage and heavens mandate at this point in the game... so i can think two solutions: 1 invest some gold every week or eveery month to buy the orbs... its not a big deal i think, you earn more than 500g in one month... or go farm them in zaiwei ruins...
  4. bm isnt that weak in 6v6... the only thing that you need is what another person said... learn what can you do and what cannot do... for learning there is the hard way which is play battleground and die a lot or the easy way which is going to arena and spend time to learn how to beat all the classes, your strengths and weakness points... this happens with all the classes... i mean today i saw a youtube video of a very low kfm in rank 9 of beluga, the reason for him to be that high is because he knows the class and his role in battleground (plus a rng factor of the match making) but he in all th
  5. agree with you in all the points... i changed my main in april and now im hm 12 50%, with good gear (1023 AP) and i did stop for 1,5 months in summer... you are doing something wrong... if you have +900 (nowadays is very easy with legendary acc, msp soulshields and weapon stage 9 plus a bunch of gems)... if u dont have gems, they are very easy to get nowadays just do daily challenges every day and you get 1 penta per 8 days... if you are missing legendary accesories do multi runs of dt, foundry, ec (leave the ring stage 1)...
  6. I'm playing on EU and it seems that the problem you have, in EU isnt that bad... I mean when i form a group for every dungeon i look for 900+ (example) BUT if someone has more than 850 ill keep him in the party because i put a margin of 50 ap below... foundry with 800+ its doable, is more slow but you'll clear it... i think the problem is that the people want to make things fast and they are selfish and dont want to look to the rest of the community... instead of being like that i think it would be more helpful to be more open and try to help lower ap players to get more ap so they can access
  7. ppl crying about punishment... you need to learn how to avoid them in order to kill 4th boss of bt and 2nd boss of VT...
  8. Nice post and really good suggestions... I will add one more: HM skills... are super hard to get and now with the change to the premium membership, you need to get them from PvP arena (you need to be gold for some skills), do 6v6 which i dont recommend if u arent well geared or u need to spend hundreds/thousands of gold to get the hm skills that you need... if im a lvl 50 hm 7-8 with around 800 ap (standar player nowadays) you need to spend like 1 month to get the gold or doing pvp arena (i dont consider doing battleground with a brand new char) to get the core skills for your class... and at
  9. i think ncsoft wont release more classes and if they decide to do it, it wont be for years... they announced that gunslinger is the last class... and i think that more classes are nonsense., cause it doesnt fit the lore of the eight masters... The thing to do (i think) is to make the same classes able to wield another weapon and element for example warlock can fullfil the fan class that it's mention here in this topic, i mean it cause zulia its a warlock and her weapon is a fan... but of course you'll need to chose between specs as the elements right now...
  10. i think they only should remove the fee when sending gold because it feels like they are stealing from you... i dont have the problem on getting fees from sending mats like taikhan skins or flowers of lament... but sending gold to another alt should be free... i mean not between accounts, but between characters that are in the same account should be free
  11. why dont simply eliminate hm skills from the game? and we start with the enhanced version of the skills... Many classes need one or 2 crucial hm skills (sin needs the ember so badly so as wl, blade dancer the offals... and so on). And playing with or without a skill it's a different world... i mean playing without hm block as a bm it is difficult, as a sin you will suffer from chi starvation without ember, as a bd you won't have the damage potential without the offals... I mean i want to get to lvl 50 hm1 and use my skills to their full potential cause it takes a lot of gold (only 500g for emb
  12. there's a website where you can find guides for almost all content in-game its called bns.academy.com i suggest you next time visiting this website... if you need more things you can go in youtube to watch video guides or something... also if you need support for your class go to bnstree to see soul shields/skill trees...
  13. I've seen the ring drop like 5-6 times in 100+ runs, necklace from dt like 3-4 times in 70+ runs, belt on the other hand ive seen 3 in 70-80 runs (and those 3 were on the later runs, like from the 60th), bracelete ive seen 4-5 on about 20-30 runs... Another thing that i have to say is that ring from ec it isnt that good to upgrade to 6. it consumes a lot of resources and it isnt great... i advice those who havent got any legendary accesory to get belt and necklace to 6 the sooner the better... and if you want to get ring just upgrade it to stage 1 dont go all the way up to 6 the st
  14. We need summoner, soul fighter and kung fu master, other classes are welcome too. Requirements 900+AP Legendary Belt Other legendary accesories (not come with 2 or more pinacle accesories), at least come with belt at stage 6 and another one stage 6 too Soul shield: full MSP or 5MSP+3NS 125+ accuracy discord (language english/spanish) For more information add me to friends in game (nick: kinpaku akame) and whisper me!
  15. it isnt just one gem hammer... for unlocking the last slot you need 22 gem hammers... probably still better buy them... i guess
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