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  1. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    I believe that this isn't only about rumblebees and summoner, it's all about the HM vol. 2 skill. It wasn't in their patch notes about the changes so they didn't anticipated it, until they bought/got the book, did the *cricket*ing long quest to unlock it, then suddenly at the last part, the other achievement's requirement to finish was altered. Of course anyone would be frustrated, I bet even you will when it happened to you. The HM is useful either, just unlocked mine yesterday on my WL and I'm pretty content about it, just that I've finished the achievement before it was changed so I didn't have a problem like some others did. My WL have 550 AP and I could out DPS some 600+ AP players because I could use Dragon Helix twice each Wingstorm's release. In other words, HM skills are also important, and no matter how you complain about bots and other matters you mentioned above, nothing much will changed because people were already complaining about it since release. Yet, Korean players weren't forced nor pressured like that, because their changes/big updates weren't month/week intervals. I don't know why you can say "lazy", like if you knew what's going on to the person behind the PC. What if they're busy in real life with much more important matters and barely plays?
  2. Stupid ass loot RNG in SSP

    1% Dmg to target's HP? Nope, it's not like that, it all depends on the dmg you've done to boss, getting the drop isn't also RNG. It's also false that it only gives 10 boxes, no! If that were the case, then how can all of my clan mates 6 ppl in pt + others outside of pt could take the loot? We're like 20 people who could get the loot. If there are lots of ppl and your AP and Crit are low af, then don't expect any drop, don't waste your time and just do other things. You can also go to the spot where less ppl are there, then dps as much before they kill the other boar from the other side. Box is not limited, it all depends on your dps. Boar's PP will be distributed to everyone who dealt dmg to him, and depends on crowds, you could get like 20 pp but no box if there are less people if your dmg wasn't enough. Meaning, it's them who dealt the most dmg and might have gotten 40+ PP. But if there's a lot of people, 16 PP means your dps was enough.
  3. I completed that achievement before Nexus was released and I still have it completed. I don't know if I completed the Nexus boss requirement in a single run or the 10/10 Scorpiom queen was just switched with Heavenpiercer and wasn't reset.
  4. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Well, good luck on your FM journey. :)
  5. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    You can play SF as a Jin when it's released, Rukkirii confirmed it. But I think Gons looks better than Jin if customized well, but even I myself isn't good at customizing Gons. =P

    You're exaggerating... How can you become 500+ AP in mere 2 weeks if you're a starting player, moreover a f2P one? That's impossible considering the gold required to reach that if you were just a starting player. Look at the prices of materials for upgrades, you'll need to spend like 600 gold+ to be like that. But if your friend have a main and farmed everything from there and traded it to his/her FM, then that's a different story. On the other hand, new players will be stuck for a long time as low AP since no one will want them in a party, much more longer if they don't have friends/clans. Heck! Even if you have a friend to carry you and recruit on X-Server dungeon, people will leave when they see a low AP in the party, thus your recruit message will just get stuck in there. And if your so called friend really managed to do that in a mere 2 weeks without any help or main farming, please tell him/her to share what he/she did, so no more "new players stuck/new players can't progress" issues anymore. That is if that so called friend of yours really exist... If you can't manage anyone to post here, then you're nothing but a troll. I could even see your troll face when you typed what you posted, lol.
  7. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Idk if you're blind, a troll or just really wanting to destroy the mood of everybody (Oh well, such people really exist). I'd really like to see those posted above being at default, mostly on males Gons who's defaults are so *cricket*ing ugly that not many really prefers them since they're kind of hard to make. So SF being released already available for Jins was kind of relief to those who are bad at making Gons (Like me), otherwise, all SF you'll see around will only be Yuns. They kind of looks the same, but I'd go for the left one. Yeah, When SF was first released, but later on became available for Jin race, and SF will be coming out to us already available for Jins.
  8. Might be because "It's better to put the money in our wallets, than spending them for voice actors. Edit: Thanks for sharing by the way.
  9. Namsoyoo will come back and she will r*pe Yu Chun... Joke!
  10. Because that old appearance is his original looks, and so that's how he looks when he undo that Gil appearance. Yeah they are called ageless so they shouldn't look old is what you think, but on their case, that ageless means immortality. Not the immortality that you often see in the fantasy movies, it's more like a martial art technique that makes you live longer than anybody, That's why Master Hong and Iksanun lived for a long time. And haven't you remembered, he called Yunwa his daughter to take your pity of saving her? And when you met Yunwa, she have this thought "Gil is my Dad... Gil is my Dad, I must remember that." something like that because she understood the gig.
  11. How can you be so sure of Hajoon's limitations? The fact the he can teach you which isn't supposed his main class already explains that he knew some other martial arts, but not that very advanced, that's why he couldn't teach you very much. Oh c'mon... Old-man cho said that. And the FACT that he could TRANSFORM as Gil and TURNING back younger, already EXPLAINS that he can CONTROL his appearance, isn't it? That's not considered a plot hole, if you see a character changing appearances in any other shows, will you say that it's a plot hole? It just means that he can control his own appearance. That's why he took Yunwa when she became the legacy, he might not have anticipated that she will become the legacy herself, since it was you who decided to use it to save her. Also It was Gil who mention Yunwa about the legacy, isn't it? And how could he tell where it was if he ISN'T the one who hid it? It was the Sages who hid the Legacy, not Mushin himself because he was trapped in the Dark Realm in that time.
  12. Lusung was transformed into a monster, so that's considered the end of him. I'll think of it that it's because in reality, anyone can study all kinds of martial arts as long as you can control your chi. But that is locked on us, that's what most games do so if we ever want to play another class, we should re-roll to spend on it again. They are called ageless four Guardians, I remember old-man Cho saying that, so maybe he can control his appearance just like how he pretended as Gil. I think Mushin knew, he just waited until Yunwa becomes the legacy herself, that's where he began to move right? He also had a compass, so maybe he found Yunwa and befriended Lumang until he became his right hand. The Blade Master is Gunma, The Star Blade. Madun did mention the first time you met them that one of them had passed away so they're down to 7, and they feel sad about the last member. Everything I said might not be right, but those are the only explanations I could think of.
  13. Soul Fighter release date?

    Re-read the thread too. Someone already explained it so there should be nothing to be discussed on this thread now. o.o
  14. I also made a topic like this yesterday... This disconnections at loading screen is so annoying, finishing dailies takes longer now because of this it.
  15. IKR! Dc'ing when boar comes out in SSP never happens to me before, but it happened just now. Before, you'll only get a 2 seconds freeze when it spawns, but now, you have a chanced to get crashed...