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  1. I believe that this isn't only about rumblebees and summoner, it's all about the HM vol. 2 skill. It wasn't in their patch notes about the changes so they didn't anticipated it, until they bought/got the book, did the *cricket*ing long quest to unlock it, then suddenly at the last part, the other achievement's requirement to finish was altered. Of course anyone would be frustrated, I bet even you will when it happened to you. The HM is useful either, just unlocked mine yesterday on my WL and I'm pretty content about it, just that I've finished the achievement before it was changed
  2. 1% Dmg to target's HP? Nope, it's not like that, it all depends on the dmg you've done to boss, getting the drop isn't also RNG. It's also false that it only gives 10 boxes, no! If that were the case, then how can all of my clan mates 6 ppl in pt + others outside of pt could take the loot? We're like 20 people who could get the loot. If there are lots of ppl and your AP and Crit are low af, then don't expect any drop, don't waste your time and just do other things. You can also go to the spot where less ppl are there, then dps as much before they kill the other boar from the other side.
  3. You can play SF as a Jin when it's released, Rukkirii confirmed it. But I think Gons looks better than Jin if customized well, but even I myself isn't good at customizing Gons. =P
  4. Idk if you're blind, a troll or just really wanting to destroy the mood of everybody (Oh well, such people really exist). I'd really like to see those posted above being at default, mostly on males Gons who's defaults are so *cricket*ing ugly that not many really prefers them since they're kind of hard to make. So SF being released already available for Jins was kind of relief to those who are bad at making Gons (Like me), otherwise, all SF you'll see around will only be Yuns. They kind of looks the same, but I'd go for the left one. Yeah, When SF was first releas
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