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  1. Why even give summoners the option to rollback out of daze, knockdown or knockback if half of the roll wont be even iframed like the rest of the classes. Every single time I get aired by a blade dancer or dazed by a destroyer I follow it by pressing F to roll back but they just look where Im going to end up and stun me before I even can get out of the roll out animation to pop up a counter or backstep to iframe the following CC....Seriously fix this. We used to have iframe on our Beckon (E) when we are CCed but since you guys removed it everyone is abusing this by just standing half a meter
  2. Lmao was fighting in 6v6 and and even if I put my cat in Q bladedancers can still kill it, so no, if you are fighting endgame gear right now cats just get melted, there outta be an item or at least base stats to be buffed for the cat bc if get 4k crit defense my cat will only get 1/3 of that this outta be fixed, wont find many people agreeing on that since 70-80% of the game is still on the train that summoners are OP af
  3. Seriously you guys focused on buffing so many classes that cats are just getting melted with 1-2 hits and there is no real way to prevent this from happening my cat dies faster than i can rev it and 90% time when im doing open world pvp im without a cat because of this
  4. Hey cricket Before you ask yourself who is that lyn pimping those random gal's let me tell you a little story all about how my life got flipped upside down and I'd like to take a minute so sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air. In a few words we are a guild originated from the Russian playbns server, we were known as EndLegion. Now we are one big *cricket* guild watching eachothers back. And when I say watching eachothers back, I dont mean applying sun screen lotions on eachother (which actually sounds kinda nice), what I mean
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