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  1. compensation for EU players

    He's a murican.
  2. patch is up

    Stuck at 876.1 mb and can't download. Anyone else?
  3. How to Troll and entire Faction

    A super computer and even better network. Must be nice.
  4. Nerf BM

    What makes you think you should have more damage than BM. If you are a fm all you do is just sit there and spam buttons no need to iframe almost any of the boss' attacks and if you are a sin you just go in stealth and dps the boss without worrying about aggro while BMs or KFMs have to deal all of the boss' attacks and keep the aggro. Nor BM neither KFM isn't tank, get over it. Any decent player can do the same amount of damage except destroyers and maybe blade dancers. One more thing, all these crybabies were just fine when BM had the lowest damage possible before dragontongue update and now that they have decent damage pugs are freaking out.
  5. Gem Transmute Cost Reduction

    Is this only for normal gems or is that discount also avaliable for hongmoon gems? Radiant Energy discount btw.
  6. Please tell me this is not happening!

    i got 2400 crit def and 3k normal def and still got hit 35k by destroyer. Destroyer isn't weak pvp class, you just don't know what to hit and when to hit. Also nothing stops red spin so you are hallucinating.
  7. Premium Daily Dash

    Surprise Prize In addition to the reward you landed on, you’ll also receive a Brilliant Venture Token How is this a surprise now?
  8. Obvious Solution to WW Exploit: Iron Fist

    Turds like you are the reason people don't focus on the actual problem. Pretty much anyone here can understand that this idea isn't original but the topic meant to draw more attention to the issue but of course, you are one of those retarded kids who are saying nobody will care after the event ends. Let me tell you something you probably failed to understand with your brain capacity. Season rewards are the cause of this ridiculous exploit. So whether you get whirlwind token or not doesn't matter in the end. Rewards will always be there. I hope it is simple enough for you to understand and if you still like to oppose the solutions, either you are a retarded being like i said or you are one of those *cricket*ers who does the exploit. Decide for yourself.
  9. Obvious Solution to WW Exploit: Iron Fist

    When you think about the effort that people put into this and i mean honest people who are trying to go up high rankings, what needs to be done is quite simple and effective. There are lots of images which i think they are quite the proof, showing those *cricket*ers leaving the game not to lose points. Well, find those little shits and reset their rankings just before the rewards are given and on the 14th update/maintenance implant a penalty for those who leaves the match, say 1 day ww ban. There you go, ww exploit is solved.
  10. Premium Transformation Stones

    13 tries 13 fails. If it were %50 im pretty sure i had 6 stones now.
  11. Premium Transformation Stones

    I'm perfectly okay with %50 percent but as it is now it's just disgusting.
  12. So Bms now top dps

    That dps comes from the electric current damage just like in asura when you throw shield.
  13. So Bms now top dps

    That's the thing with stupid people. They get used to playing easy shit and getting handed things to them in a silver plate and when they actually have to play, they complain and complain and complain. Where were these people when BMs had the worst damage since release? Oh, right. They were in SSP; farming gold like a machine while BMs are chasing boars and hope that they get the loot. All these idiots with their tantrums are no more than spoiled kids. Just ignore those plebs. @Kuronee If you are playing KFM and think that they have low damage, sorry to break it to you but just go *cricket*ing learn how to play your class 'cuz you obviously have no idea and if you are a summoner, well then just quit. About your "tank" "tank" crying; to see people still giving roles to classes in this game, idiocy never ends. If you are gonna look at it that way, tell me why should a class that just spams his skills from a safe distance have more damage than the one who's doing cc s and iframe s? Your fingers hurt?
  14. For Those Who Claim that Whirlwind 6v6 is Pay2Win

    Haha. With your stats i would literally 1 shotted you. 2 if you count the stun and i am not even a whale nor a p2w player. You could get to gold rank with low gear but that definitely doesn't mean 6v6 isn't gear based which we call p2w. I'm at 1800s with my bm and at gold with my fm(I don't ever leave the game even when the enemy rekts us like 1800 vs 200) There is 200ap difference between them. In 6v6 if you don't have a decent gear either you get lucky and get in a party with a better team or get rekt. In your case you just got lucky. Also before you blubber about your pvp skills, anyone with a brain can kill you easily given that their gear is much better than yours. Against equally geared opponents well, summoner along with kfm and blade dancer is the cancer of a class there. P.S. God. I wonder when these s(c)ummoners' crying and bragging will end.