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  1. This 615 USD Desktop with GTX 1060 6GB and i3-8100 (3.6GHz) can run Blade & Soul at 60-80 FPS at medium settings (1920 x 1080 resolution + 4/5 graphics). In areas such as Hive Queen in VT and Soulstone Plains the FPS will drop under 20 FPS. In addition, buy a 100Hz monitor if you have spare money.
  2. "2017/12/30 BNS NA/EU Solo DPS Tier List" (reddit) is the database of the DPS of each class with max gear. It is based on screenshots of parse submitted or collected from all classes with max gear. According to this statistic that is collected over the recent patch from a large number of players, the DPS tier is: 1) Sin; 2) KFM; 3) Gun; 4) WL; 5) BM; 6) Sum; 7) BD; 8) Des; 9) SF; 10) FM. So FM class does have the least DPS, given the scenario of max gear in current NA/EU with decent rotation, latency, and FPS. In addition, FM's awakened dragonch
  3. If I were on a budget, I would buy a desktop like this: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080, CPU: Intel i5 8400, Memory: 8gb RAM, Hard Drive: 1TB SATA. GPU: it is definitely the most significant factor, GTX 1080 8gb is much better than GTX 1060 3gb, but can still give below 60FPS (1920x1080) in a 12-man raid. CPU: i5 8400's effective speed in gaming is higher than i7 7700's, their prices are similar. Memory: from my own experience when I play Blade & Soul I do not keep other applications running, so I rarely use more than 4gb RAM playing the game, and 8gb
  4. No bracelet in 50 runs of NS normal mode (after the patch). Even if it drops there is 50% chance it is not Tiger Bracelet. Rage quit the game.
  5. From asking top PvE streamers and my own experience, the DPS tier (max gear of this patch): Top: Gunner; Good: Des > Sin; Bad: Sum > BD > SF > WL; Bottom: KFM > BM > FM. Just to put it here for new players who need some facts to choose a class. What do you guys think?
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