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  1. Suggestion for bots & Higher End Gamers

    People still dreaming about able to kick their teamates in party while online, NO and NEVER gonna happen, you dont want to see legend necklace drop and you get kicked, then dont try to apply it on others
  2. I dont know why u are so bad luck because my clan usually craft pellet when we have nothing to do lol
  3. they should let Des use their Long Division after they done with grab and slam, because while they grab their pt will spam their new F skill, so its fair enough and also boost their DPS a lot
  4. No every skill will reset on 10 stacks EXCEPT Fury, i tested it, they give wrong skill description by saying reset all skill that why so many people confused, only Seraph Axe will reduce Fury cooldown by 16% at Stage 6,if we can reset Fury i dont know if Destro are top 1 DPS or not
  5. i dont think they will sell exp charms or people will HM 12+ real fast but who know, its a good deal for people dont have much time to grind exp
  6. to be honest i dont like this outfit especially i am Gon female and my taste on it is just a Nah Nah, but whatever if she won mean she won, it up to NCsoflt to decide if she cheat or not (still i think her mask is stolen design)
  7. i would say the mask and hairstyle seem stolen, but the outfit dont
  8. Log in the game after maintain and see 100mb update hit my face, yeah if you stop putting my azz on fire and give some notes about what is updated that would be nice
  9. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    you are the only stupid here and grats on show everyone how stupid you are, they dont need at least requirement to "do the dungeon" they want high ap to "finish it as fast as possible" learn the different.What your main points people with high ap NEED ALLOW 400+ like you join them because the dungeon can be done with 400? Then what are they working so hard for? Stop dreaming. If you get kick because you get in a room asking 600+ and you got 420 then that's your fault, dont cry on here. Make your own room and ask 400+ simple and clean
  10. So with the new update we get Taikhan Husk and it untradable which mean BID WAR, luckily we have some others way to get it so the price might not so high, how much would you pay for it?
  11. Are we going to upgrade legend wep to s6 along with accessories? or we only get new dungeon?
  12. They are allowed to get back in right away?, so what is the point giving us kick function? Seriously. This is like NCSoft playing two-face game; I have to kick trolls and assholes like 20 times and they just keep coming back, i tried to blocked them, not work.The only option is set a password or enter a random dungeon and hope they found another room to troll. At least set up that anyone gets kicked out the room cannot enter it 1 min later or locked out of it. Is this too hard for you NCSoft?
  13. Congratz NCSOFT you are the best

    i saw a 618ap "bot" spamming about i have won some shit, i think they hacked a poor guy
  14. wow man, you are lucky killing boar with out 98% of Summoners around you, boar in my server die like 30 second and idk how to make enough damage on him since as a destroyer
  15. i dont know about your luck, but most 4m i run give me 15-50+ stingers, yes, 50+ stingers in one run is the highest drop i ever get, you dont have to believe that, the decent number of stinger drop for me 10-20+ per run,sometime RNG god hate me and give me 6+ each run for 5 runs,but in the end the drop from 4m asura always much better than 6m for me