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  1. vor 6 Stunden schrieb NorbertTheOpinionated:

    THEN the Event Planner/Designer person decided: when you fail to upgrade the soul, it gives you a "Upgrade Mileage" percentage which makes you more likely to succeed at upgrading it next time. Do you people realize that is a brand new mechanic that doesn't exist anywhere else in the game? That means NCsoft is using this as a test. They might make MORE things have a chance of failure too, and then implement this "Upgrade Mileage" mechanic to make the game even more grindy and less fair with regards to the outcome from player to player by infusing even more RNG. Do you think NCsoft is sitting around in a board meeting saying, "You know what this game needs? More RNG chances that screw you out of materials! Yeah! I bet the players will approve of this! Let's put it in!"

    In Kr they already implemented the "Upgrade Mileage" for the Awakened Soul/Mystic badge. So yes, you are right this is a test to see how our community reacts to this upgrade mechanic, because NCwest plans to add Awakened badges in the next few patches.