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  1. I completely agree. I was never able to get into an EL group and only a few IL groups. The 'Free' oils I did not even know about until half way through, not sure when that notification went out. I can now end up with ONE vial but that is not even enough to upgrade my should one level. If I had known there was no chance of me getting the soul I would have used my oils to get more vials to get an actual upgrade.
  2. Thanks, I did not know the was a sellable item, paid 55 gold. A price I am willing to pay and so I did. After another day I will have my Raven weapon and will have a better chance of getting into groups.
  3. I submitted a ticket to support and all they told me was to post in the forums to let them know how I feel and that they read the posts. I let him know that MANY people had already posted here and that the even was terribly implemented.
  4. Well, I am going to skip the event since it does not look like it will help me. To go from baleful 13 to Raven 3 I still need the raven king item and my gear is not up for that yet, according to the graph they have. I only have 1000k ap so most people won't even take me for IF or EL. Forget going to the spire.
  5. From what was going around it sounds like it didn't actually increase you chance of upgrading. IT just filled the bar and at 100% you get the soul. I failed 8 times, waste of money.
  6. Ya, people don't want you in a group even for NS if you don't have 1.1k ap. About 1000 ap is stuck at a point where you need items and gold but you can't do the higher content to get it
  7. Wow, people saying that we didn't grind hard enough are fools. I am sitting at just over 1k ap so getting a group for IF or EL is almost impossible. Thate makes teo oils a days I won't be getting. Also, I did not know about eh free daily oil in the store, when was that announces and why did it only show in the hongmoon coin store. I worked hard to get the oils and gold to try and get the soul for nothing. I am down a bunch of gold, when I don't have all that much since everything costs money and they cut the amount of gold you get from dungeons, with nothing to show for it.
  8. Wow, just found where you put it in the store. I NEVER EVER would have found that. Plus, it is one per account so if I had multiple characters that needed them I would be out of luck still. This whole thing with the random LOW LOW chance for the upgrade and then the hidden free limited item is all horse ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤!
  9. I am not at 100%, only failed 8 times. All seems like a wasted even since I got nothing for it. Just lost time and gold. I will work for it but to have the rewards being so random makes it painful.
  10. Will this event be as horse ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ as the oil event we just went through? I don't expect things to be given to me but failure after failure after failure on that upgrade broke me. By the eight time I figured I didnt' have a chance but I wasted my gold anyway. Now I have a level 6 soul that I can't do anything with and will disappear on me. ALSO, if you make a change to an event and offer some of the event items for free how about you make an announce NOT in the forums where I don't have a chance to come to very often. Still hope this event is better but I don[t have high hopes
  11. Wow..... how useless. Would have been nice to know a week ago. I can get seven more but that will give me a total of 8 and that is useless. I have failed the upgrade 8 times now and so this event has been a waste. I don't want things given to me but the amount of work and gold I put into this for nothing is very disappointing.
  12. Level 20 character. I have tried to run Blackram Narrows today and each time there are level 50s that run ahead past things I can't get past and kill bosses that I am too far away from and so I can't roll on loot that I may need. Many times they don't even loot the bosses. This is just dick moves by people that don't care that I actually need to run it for the drops, they just want to finish quickly. If they are that impatient then they should just go to the entrance and walk in to run it by themselves.
  13. I completely agree that the new continent is much harder, most of the mission I receiver are meant for groups. I was lvl 49 when I hit the continent and have not upgraded my jewelry to siren because it is expensive and I do not have the materials. I tried the GH raid event but that sucked since I could not do enough damage to the bosses in order to get credit for the kills so I could not finish the quests, just like Blackwyrm (the *cricket*). So far the new continent is boring with a bunch or running around after the first town. I am disappointed so far since I am skipping most
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