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  1. AP requirements

    Totally annoyed by people just leaving after a party is formed via LFG... and a clan member confirmed he leaves when he sees a 450 AP summoner in Yeti... pfft. Really, please make your own lobby if you want to be picky, this is quite time consuming for all the others. (Yes, my newbness sum can finish yeti without taunting or messing up otherwise). Plus... I did a test with a random and 450 AP, 44% crit with 185% crit damage, 111% accuracy appears to create more threat than 500 AP with 30% crit and 169% crit dmg, 103% accuracy. At least I had aggro for quite a while on a field boss (no, I didn't huzzah). Not sure what made the main difference, but you want to pretty much crit all the time.
  2. Yes tried it just now, will know more after maintenance:)
  3. Hello:) Got a quick question about this; will a third CC of the same type mess up the daze/knockdown/stun? I ask this especially for Nexus dungeon. If the first boss glows red and everyone in the party uses a daze skill, will it disrupt the cc? Only 2 skills are needed after all. ~
  4. Hello! Trouble is: I can't efficiently run heroic dungeons (=> Daily Challenge) due to my gear which means I'm always short on gold. Oh I do know most of the other gold making tricks (read a guide on it), but as I'm fairly new I haven't got far enough yet to craft efficiently... Soulstones are the main problem here. So common dailies it is... and farming Northern Critical Shields. Anyway, let it be done with saying that making gold is a big drag right now. Can you advice me what to upgrade/get top priority depending on my current stats? I won't be able to upgrade anything fast, so what gives the best boost with the lowest cost in comparison? What I own/wear currently: 25 AP Gem Earrings & Ring just below Siren stage Oathbreaker (276 AP or so) Breeze Bracelet (own the Pirate one but it's way weaker) Breeze Necklace (same as above) Siren Belt (lvl 10) Mixed SS Labyrinth/Fiend/Yeti (working on full yeti but with 6-man randoms... so no need to give advice here it's just time consuming^^) 46k HP 424 AP 42% Crit 185% crit dmg 111% Accu 6% piercing Thanks for advice:)
  5. Got the same problem, yesterday in crowded areas I always got SystemErr and NtwErr... which is new. Never had those before. Happened after last patch. I hope it will run better today.
  6. Windows 10 VS Windows 8.1

    I'm thinking of switching to Windows 10 (8.1->10) too:) Home 64-bit I'd like to be able to play all my games ofc, one of those being BnS. So, no issues at all?
  7. Hello! I started playing the last week of April 2016 and the first seven days or so everything was fine. No lag, no disconnects, awesome fps. Then, suddenly, I started having 3-10 seconds long screen freezes especially during battle. The server obviously goes on but my client freezes (=>my character keeps losing health the opponents keep attacking). Sometimes those freezes end in a disconnect (I'll be happy to post a error screenie if it will help out any). I noticed that GameGuard says Inactive in the task manager after such a crash. What I already tried: - File Repair. Like xx times. - Another internet connection - disabled antivirus (AVAST) prog while playing - disabled all progs mentioned in guides about this topic What I'm running BnS on: - Windows 8.1 64-bit - Nvidia GTX 850M with the newest update - Intel Core i7-4510U @ 2 Ghz 2.60 Ghz - 16GB RAM Well my specs can hardly be at fault anyway since it used to run fine, just adding them for reference. Thanks for any advice!:)
  8. This might seem unimportant to some, but I'll probably run around with my lvl 48 Silverfrost Shoul Shield for a while... now I want to fuse it with crit rate but I just cannot find any crit soul shield of the same level. What I'm looking for is: - lvl 48 shield - crit as main stat - open world drop preferred - no soul stone needed for fusing I tried Hao district in Zaiwei since the mobsters there dropped fuse-able crit shields.... it turned out that they are only attack-able during a specific main quest though. Can one of you remember an open world mob that drops shield pieces with those requirements (see above)? Thanks tons!
  9. Hello! I found some guides and links on that topic but most seem a bit out-dated. Thus I'd like to ask you all a few questions: 1) What's the most efficient way for gearing up considering I'm pretty new, not yet premium and quite poor? The first time I party-ran Brightstone Ruins for the recipe I totally utterly sucked and was quite ashamed of myself... so I guess that's out for a while. My main problem is the Moonwater Transformation Stone, I have to farm Harbor/Blackram dailies for 2-3 days in order to buy ONE and upgrade (6g+2.5g). 2) I heard faction dailies give quite a lot of gold (selling Soul Stones etc), but doing PvP missions solo sounds like a frustrating idea. How do players without friends/clan usually party up for those quests in Misty? 3) Are there any items from easier dungeons/crafting/whatever else that sell well and could help boost my meager income? 4) Can I obtain the Endless Tower soul shield set, is it already in? Would I even get to the correct floor for the set parts with this gear >.<? Any good alternate sets for crit rate/hp? Assuming I can run none of the heroic dungeons. Thanks for reading :p
  10. Why i'm quitting.

    Are you seriously saying people who play summoner tend to be bad human beings (though not always)? xD What does a class have to do with being morally bad or good? Harsh... I picked this class to learn the game. Anyway, there are some more active servers around. Either hope for server transfers or do some research and start a new character... ofc if you cannot stand certain mechanics of this game any longer it might be better to quit and look for greener meadows. It's supposed to be fun after all. Maybe you'll come back later :)
  11. I like it that your answers complement each other :) Very helpful, thanks!
  12. Hello! I'm pretty much a new player and every time people write about mechanics of certain bosses I draw a complete blank when reading. I mean - it's English but reads like Chinese to me. At the same time I'd feel bad if I died to any 1-KO attack and/or used a skill that gets the whole party wiped... So would someone be so awesome and explain stuff in short and idiot-suitable words? :) Please use no abbreviations or add a guide link where they are explained. Thanks! Especially looking for summoner "dos and dont's" for Skittering, Brightstone Ruins, Pigsty. Also for bosses like Venomous in Harbor (that stupid poison attack >.<)... and for heroic dungeons if you are willing to, though I won't run them for quite a while. For example I read about someone who complained that a summoner used vines against the Yeti which had them all killed... though I still don't get the reason. Good and detailed videos are very welcome!
  13. Do and Don'ts: Lvl 45+ OpenWorld/Dungeon Bosses

    Very good advice, thanks :)
  14. Faction dailies are completely retarded

    Agreed. The thought of having to do PvP dailies to upgrade gear I'll mainly do PvE with makes me... frustrated. As I see it with my limited experience the only ways for PvE-sticklers is to buy those Soulstones... I would get booted out of every group with my 308 AP anyway.
  15. Hello fellow players! I started playing B & S about 2 weeks ago and was soo happy that it turned out to be one of the few games without any lag for me... heh... Since about four or so days ago I frequently DC and/or freeze for a few seconds. Consequently I've been called "noob" for not getting out of dodge in time. Criticize my gear and honest mistakes, fine, but I can't help this damn issue with screen freezes ... Anyway, frustration aside: I used File Repair which didn't help at all. The game usually runs fine after logging in, then I quest/run dungeons for a few dozen minutes and BAM. Dead, start again. Obviously not everyone got this issue, so is there any way to resolve this and/or is the reason behind it known? It really is about impossible to battle this way especially since I'm still learning.