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  1. Allright thanks for the tip! Oh one more question how about the gems that I should use now?
  2. @Liteflitz Ah okay then, but can u give me a short explanation to why should i pick Baleful?
  3. @Annysan Which should i get thou? Baleful or Seraphic? I'm a KFM
  4. @Grimoir Ah I see, alright thanks for the tip!
  5. @Grimoir ah I meant the weapon since when i browsed the newer guides, it said i could get a seraphic/baleful weapon from the naryu coin exchanger NPC. So should I get a weapon from there or just play the main quest till I finish it?
  6. I heard then u can get them early on from the coin exchange vendor at the harvest square NPC, should I get those? If so which one? Im in Act. 4 but forgot the chapter 34, so i should just focus on the story to get new equipments from them?
  7. I just logged in and saw a lot of changes and new stuffs. First, I'm going to list my current equipment: - True Siren Gauntlet Stage 10 - Awakened Siren Ring Stage 8 - Awakened Siren Earring Stage 5 - Awakened Siren Necklace Stage 5 - Ivorymoon Bracelet - Ivorymoon Belt and here's a couple questions: 1. I heard that the old Hongmoon weapon path is discontinued now. I read somewhere in the forum that I should get Seraph/Baleful, but which one should i get for Kung Fu Master? Or should I take Scaleburn Gauntlet since I have the Naryu Tablet for it? 2.
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