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  1. Firstly, I'd like to say the new content is challenging enough, but the HP values are pretty high for our current gear. I truly doubt a team of average players can clear Stage 6+ of the new dungeon reliably for the new accessories and weapon. In comparison to Chaos Supply Chain, the dps requirement is pretty huge imo. (No, I don't have a problem, but that's cause I have about 8k BAP and what not). I'm just thinking how it's gonna deter a portion of the players because they'd be farming to realise they're stuck until they gear more. RNG class drops is also a very backward system, bu
  2. As an avid raider myself, I would say that a viable solution is smaller raids like 8-man versions to accomodate the balance between the difficulty of organizing 12 people and to avoid making it too simple with 4-man mechanics. The reason raids are alluring is because it allows room for more complex mechanics or coordination over typical dungeons. Raids have often been a barrier for players with lower gear or no time to commit to the game, of which I suppose having an alternative method of obtaining raid gear would suffice (as with Demonsbane type content). However the direction taken to al
  3. So I had an issue with transferring a max talisman back to my alt cause the Skywatch tier is not bound to account, unlike its max-tier counterparts like Soul, Heart and Pet. Is there a reason why this is the case or any intention to standardize this? My main has 2 max talismans now, one being a white elephant. Obviously I've already written a ticket for help and got rejected. Thanks. Will be rocking a Stage 1 HM Talisman on my alt till then, not a huge deal but obviously still dps loss. Anyone who asks me what about the story one - I tossed that long ago, because it was a lower tier than wh
  4. Bad: 3 star crits are underwhelming at times, mainly the ones with cosmetics or weapon skins, when you get the same items from 2 star ones Too many outdated items such as old accessory chests from old dungeons (realistically people only want mythical ones now) And by extension, legendary jewels are largely redundant. Elements are still useful. Nocturnal, Shimmering scales and Serpent's Den Soul Shields are overpriced for the current game's economy Any gems below square/triangular, would take too many to make it useful for most players - should be updated with newer max tier gems
  5. probably best to do something else for awhile and come back later.
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