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  1. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    i really hope we can choose gon and yun for gunner, i'm bored of jin...can't wait to try other race like these two.
  2. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    some players don't care about outfits because they modify the game files and can use any outfit but i want to play legit with them and i don't mind to pay for what i like and want. sadly the cosmetics prices and these trove outfits almost impossible to get with reasonable tries it's frustrating. I don't pay that expensive for my real life clothes no way for a game.
  3. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    One of the things that makes BNS one of the best games at the moment is the graphics and the LOOKS because pve/pvp is very similar with thousands of games out there. But sadly it has the worse drop rate and the most expensive cosmetics and when we start to get tired to not being able to customize our characters maybe we will think to move to other game where pvp/pvp will be kinda the same since the cool looks here starts to be very low satisfied when you can't afford it. I was about to buy more 100 keys to get the cosmetics for my collection, but with this try hard rng and all my friends complaints i guess i'll skip it because we talking about something that not even gives stats and after few weeks it will get dust on my wardrobe for long time, it's a bit too much in my opinion, but it's just my opinion and it worths what it worths.
  4. XIGNCODE3 ?

    if it bans all macroe'rs i'll be happy with it and pvp will become awesome!!! especially on 6v6 macroers with raven = cheats.
  5. Mommys/girls play games too even blade and soul

    actually the word "she" "her" should be used more often than "he" "him" there are more female chars than male also the number of guys pretending to be hot girls with fake profile pics are quite high onlygodknowswhy lel.
  6. some ppl don't raid by their own choice because it's stressfull and takes too much time...but you're not considering the players that can't raid because they have no other choice, it's not so easy find clans that say to you "yes you can join us" at the time you are available. If you don't have a static group/friends nobody cares about you and things get hard.
  7. Suggestion: 6 free candycloud tokens pls

    lol no actually i don't really need them or care about them that much, the item i need i almost have the peaches for it anyway, but would be nice for those ppl that is missing 2/3 tokens for some last item. Not all ppl are selfish.
  8. ok it's just a suggestion that would be nice to have 6 free candycloud tokens today in f10 on the last day of the event since we had some long maintenances in the past and some EU players missed a few purple dungeons.
  9. i try, but as i said i work and it's hard to manage time to raid when they are online, also these big clans makes me feel like a stranger even though i try my best to be nice to them i'm just completly ignored like many others -feelsawkwardman-. the problem is not the weapon i'm chill with the weapon i can choose this new path idc, but how i'll get the soul shield and accessories? there's nothing else i can do, even if i pay for the feathers i still need to do at least 3 bosses there. Maybe in the future things will be easier i hope they will sadly it will be outdated content by then. This 24man is the biggest unfair content ever made and i've heard next 24man will be same thing/system so i'll be always an outdated player.
  10. The weapon seems fine to me taking other path idm, but i'm stucked on the progression of my accessories (ring, earring) and soul shield. I work, my guild is small, no pugs doing it and no guild selling spot on my server that i know. My ncoins/gold are getting dust on my account because everything i need the most i can't have, sadly i can't do this BT since it exist in our server. Should just quit and find other game or in the future players like me will have a chance to get same stuff without these freaking annoying undoable 24man?
  11. Assassin or Warlock?

    Warlock in pve: - Higher dps - Better buff - easier for solo content like ToI and Floors - this class getting even more boosts in the future - easier gameplay because it's ranged - players prefer soulburn than blue bluff - you will always be wanted in pvp: - arena: you can reach gold without much efffort just wise sb and everyone melt - 6v6: same thing sb your party and everyone dies, good chain skills to be annoying on lagoon torch runners, very high dps overall Assasin in pve: - Stealth - Party protection _ Poor in dps unless the boss doesn't move at all, you can reach some nice boost but in the end of the fight you will be in the bottom of dps meter if you don't master your iframes. - Blue buff but kfm are prefered to join because they can tank and bb _ Harder gameplay it's a melee - Dps not that bad but very hard to reach ranged level or bm in melee case, ping reliable class. in pvp: arena: if you like to fight you need to master this class to rank up otherway you will need tons of patience and play hit and hide all time praying you will win by time. 6v6: stealth to sneak peak some torches in lagoon and nice for defending nodes in WW if you use the freezing bomb and master the stealth you can be really annoying. Although sin is bad for fighting because it's single target class and melee, low surbability if your burn your escapes too fast everyone seems good to target you even in stealth they can see your shadow walking around. But 1 person is not like everyone you have to try it to find out what fits you better.
  12. pvp is a joke

    the problem is not the kfm itself but the macro kfm, the real problem is this soulburn from wl make you die before you can cast anything seems completly a hacker skill and bm dragontongue is like a machine gun, yeah pvp is a joke mate when there is broken skills in just few classes.
  13. Grand Phoenix bundle

    i was so into to buy this bundle like first thing to do when i log bns but when i saw this price no ty it's too much for me :(
  14. 4/12 Legendary Weapon Material Changes

    wait so FORGING ORBS are not needed anymore??? what i'm going to do with these 3 ones that i farmed before trove for 250/300g? all those wipes!!!! so much time and money wasted for nothing also these orbs are not tradable, this game really hates me!!! fml.
  15. They created a stupid gear wall

    game is soooo boring at this point, nothing to doooooo what is skybreak in my server? pfff i'm stucked with this gears forever not even a nice little event just p2w stuff, pve trully boring with this bad looting rate pvp is horribly unbalanced, f10 cosmetics overpriced, i just log in and sit in some random map until game kicks me out by inactivity, don't even feel like playing my alts anymore the same old thing.