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  1. Welp. Guess it's still not playable just yet. :/
  2. If they all share same server, then why weren't other games having an issue? Everyone I know in AION had 0 problems whatsoever. That doesn't make sense to me. In fact the reason I doubted it's DDoS because nobody outside of BnS are being affected. Interesting how it's always NA getting a DDoS and nobody else...
  3. Quite frankly i think they need to disable all HM skills in arena. Nowadays the HM skills are such BS arena isn't truly equal. It literally takes no skill whatsoever at the level 50 cap as long as you have all of your HM skills, and it's annoying. The kicker is that when you lose to people who spam their HM iframes/stuns/resists on SM, they say you're trash. Summoner takes far more skill without HM moves than any other class, and I've played them all. Not to mention the nerfs we keep getting while everyone else gets buffed. BnS is legit the only game I've ever played where melees can kick th
  4. Ok, I'm just gonna make a bullet list of the classes that make most sense to me to add... Fan Dance Something Like what Go Go does Music, though each race should have its own weapon, (if Lyn is a conductor, maybe have a little animal--yes I'm tired of cats I want something diff, with a tuba follow?) Dual Swords Gambit class (LOL jk, but that would be funny if we had a card throwing class that was a cross between IFM and WL) I would go for crossbowman, but looking at the animations the Lycandi have, it'll take a LOT of work to make it look cool. Maybe they can
  5. The videos in that linked thread make me want a class that fights with like, chains or scarves or something. Something that can dance like Go-Go Yubari... @~@ Doesn't necessarily have to have a ball at the end, but the thought of a ranged melee kinda tickles me lol
  6. Incompetence? Which is why Hongmoon skills are usable in arena when not everyone has them, right? Yeah, it's totally my incompetence for not having the same exact skills as high level players when you have to do excess work to get them. Silly me! And THE GAME says they're equalized, which is why PLAYERS say it is. That has literally been the biggest rebuttal against the argument "level matters because HM points and skills", and it's still a rebuttal today. Why else can't you use potions and if you check "U" it says stats have been changed to prevent unfair advantage? But I'm suffering from i
  7. I'm leaning towards make it Lyn only since we didn't get SF. I feel it should work a lot like the way SF does, but as teh Lyn's version of the class. Will it *cricket* people off? Yes. But did they care when Lyns didn't get SF? Sure didn't. (Wait, I forgot Lyns got Warlock, lol. Nevermind make it for everyone xD Except maybe Gons because they're too big for that...) Also it's almost guaranteed for Jin. Jin is basically the trademark of BnS and they have the most classes out of any race. Kinda irks me, but whatever lol. (Outfit icons in F10 are even modeled for them...)
  8. Because of the recent update ad, I highly believe they should add a fan dancing class. I imagine the mechanic would work a LOT like Warlock, just that our fans would manipulate leaves, flowers, basically make us look like the Avatar as masters of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. :D Would be a cool class and since it's technically a casting class, it would be available to everyone but Gon, (like SF is everyone but Lyn). My Idea was give them a spin like a destroyers red spin with sakura petals around them where the animation is them spinning into a mini tornado, (the one with the petals will
  9. This issue was reported back in january and it is now july... Why have they not fixed it, even tho they had nerve to take green dungeons off of F8?! On a more related topic, he seems to not keep spawning his adds if he has some decent amount of HP. I was soloing him and just when I was going to make the finishing blow, he reset and after that was when his guards would respawn endlessly. Very annoying and unnecessary...
  10. I actually cant fight BMs at all on FM. Unlike SM, i can't stop them from using their stupid counter. People always say use Ice X, but it doesnt work. They can still counter, lmao it doesn't block anything and it never does. FM needs moves like SM where they can just knockdown if you're using your block skill...frustrating as hell to get smacked around like a chew toy and not be able to do shit about it. (Need I mention how BM does EXPONENTIALLY higher damage in PvP? If they get you in the air/on the ground even ONCE they can 100-0 you in less than 2sec. Cant use defense skills or anything...
  11. Sometimes the server, (and i say this because my internet doesn't cut out on any other game besides TERA and that's a certified server issue,) gets a little shaky and i d/c right at the beginning of a matchup in 1v1 arena. Why doesn't my ranking just stay the same? There should be a draw when that happens because I didn't even lose--to lose we have to fight and he has to beat me! It's really silly to say, "Oh, you disconnected? We'll just let this guy win and drop your rating." Have you devs ever even thought of that? There's a lot of other holes in the game that need to be pointed out, (*cou
  12. Exactly. It is by no means "equalized". If that were true, then why do some FMs attack faster/hit harder than mine? Why do some summoners hit through my summoner's stealth but i cant do the same to them? Why can't i defend myself with my shields against BD/Sin attacks? Why do KFMs have unlimited iframes, buffs, AND a f****ng 100% resist skill for 6sec that can be triggered back-to-back??? Why is it that BD/DS are purely spin 2 win, have buffs, have resists, AND can restore their hp without gems? To top it all off, HM skills aren't even banned in arena. If they are, then I guess every BD ever
  13. My question is why does NCSoft have to be such a pos company? They know good and well there are hackers and they do nothing to stop it. A destroyer can jump pull me all the across the arena? LOL yeah, right. There are bots too but NCShit doesn't care. Try getting a half-decent bot protection programs and maybe this game will actually be half decent. Literally on the brink of quitting because this game is so overrun by cheaters and they do absolutely nothing to stop it. My advice? Look up some hacks online. You know you won't get banned for it so there's no point in being an actual player. Ju
  14. Ok, so idk what EXACTLY happened in the time between Monday and today that caused my comp to bug out, (or the game maybe?) so hard, but I can't get the launcher to start (obviously). I click on the BnS icon on my desktop as usual, but instead of initiating the launcher it links to the file folder in which the launcher is located! I figured no big deal, so i just clicked on the launcher application but BOOM. Nothing. Of course windows defender comes up and asks me if I want to allow the program to run, (as it should,) and I say yes, and nothing happens. I even checked Task Manager to see if the
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