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  1. Not sure If I'm doing a good job in dpsing as a Destroyer. 760ap, 59%crt, 257%crtdamage. Seraph Build with willpower. Not counting burst, I usually dash out at least 20k dps throughout the entire battle. Haven't tried Foundry and Black Tower yet.
  2. Unlike KR BNS where everyone had time to farm and upgrade their gears. NA BNS has rushed the content release a little causing the majority of the players to not being able to do the latest contents as 90% of the playerbase are still below 700 or just starting to reach the 700 line but if everyone knows what to do then 90% of the playerbase would had been 750+ by now. Here's the solution to fix this problem. Its very easy to keep up as long as you know what you're doing. And i will tell you how know from my experiences. Majority of the players usually take breaks here and there over
  3. You have enough ap for everything except 4man tomb, 4man citadel, and foundry both 6man and 4man. Not counting the anniversary buff of course.
  4. I worked my ass off to true scorpion and now Legendary Stage 4 but with that said. I still welcome this change as it would help newer players catch up to a decent level and in turn make the game more lively and populated in the later areas and dungeons. Probably going to finally level my first alt too.
  5. I think things are fine the way they are now but i wouldn't mind if they made 6man easier especially for tombs and foundry but at the same time, they should also make the 4man versions harder for those that always wants the challenge. I think WoW has a pretty good idea on how to deal with dungeons mechanics. They got 4 diff modes, casual, normal, heroic, and mythic. The bosses uses their skills differently in diff modes. Some people either have slow reflexes, bad learners, or just wants to get their dallies done and don't really care about hard bosses. That's where casual comes in for them. So
  6. You still play like 2, 3 hours per day anyway but now you get free coins everytime you complete your dungeons. all these coins adds up over the course of 3 weeks, allowing you to trade them in for goodies. Seems like a big plus to me. And event doesn't mean things are handed to you. In other mmorpgs, you have to do something during events too in order to get the event items there. Three hours is plenty, in fact the majority of the playerbase spend around 3 hours in the game daily. You can do CS,HM,yeti,lair,necro,gloom,mast,nexus,and sogun plus that event daily within 3 hours. If you are at th
  7. Destroyer Seraph Axe stage 4 Shadow + Willpower Build 713ap 17% pierce 57% crt rate 220% crt damage 121% acc Without Soul Burn, i can do 15k+ dps assuming i don't have to grab and the boss doesn't move around a lot. With Soul Burn, it's usually in the 18k+ range and again assuming i don't need to grab or the boss doesn't move around a lot.
  8. Would the enhanced fury badge be of much help for a shadow build? Deciding if i should spend 70 green tokens on it or wait till the blue comes out so i can sell my old green tokens. And thank you so much for your guide. I notice my dps increasing by a lot with shadow build to the point where i even out dps other destroyers trying to do anti-cancel. And it also allows me to keep my dps to a decent amount throughout the entire boss fight.
  9. Was planning to take a break after grinding my ass off for my full true/6 gem set, 673ap. Guess i'll have to keep farming for another 3 month in order to get to 700ap for 6man Naryu foundry since i i heard even the 6man would require 700ap? Is that correct? The new dungeon looks nice thou.
  10. If i was in charge. I would made so much more money for them. I already know they are all about business and do not give a single damn about player's taste, suggestions, or feedback. But making the Black Friday sale only catering to the whales would only generate money from whales which in turn effects their potential money making profit. I would had made a discount on the 100 keys and 50 keys and some costume discounts too so it will generate money from not only whales but also the average and casual spenders as well.
  11. This game only uses 2 cores and is 32 bit so even if you were to get the GTX 1080. There would be no difference. The 64 bit client is out in KR. You will see a performance increase once that gets released here.
  12. If i had a few hundred thousand dollars with me. I'll probably spend up to a 800 dollars too on a game i really like and plan to stick with.
  13. You just saved me a hundred dollars bro. I was even thinking about spending it 20 minutes ago lol. I'm still curious. You said you got no gems but did you get a LOT of moonstones, soulstones, gold ingot, silverfrost transformation stone, premium silverfrost transformation stone etc etc? Cause if you still got a shitton of them. You can just sell all those mats for like over 10,000 gold or something. So how much gold did you from selling all those mats from 800 dollars?
  14. Won't adding a 25% discount on 50 keys and a 30% discount on 100 keys be a much smarter and better move? As it would be help casuals, average, and rich players? I would imagine the average/casual spender probably won't want to spend 100 dollars in one shot. They would most likely spend around 20-50 dollars each time. This way they can suck all types of players into the sale. With the 250 keys, it will only suck rich players into the sale. Honestly they would get so much more money if they open the sale to not just rich folks but to average and casual spenders as well.
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