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  1. How can I repair my weapon?

    You can also talk to a Weapon Merchant and let him repair your weapon for a charge, if you don't have any repair tools in your bag. At lower level, it's cheaper than buying repair tools from the Weapon Merchant (the NPC) or the marketplace (other players).
  2. Thinking about some real $ here. This is the only good looking outfit for Jin Male to my taste so far.
  3. Healers or not ?

    When I first started on my Blade Dancer, there were not just enough dumplings and healing potions from quests and loots to keep me going, so I chose Acquired Taste and Silver Cauldron as my crafting guilds. I didn't even bother to level them, just making leveling 1 craft orders: cheap and fast. As I got to higher level with more defensive and healing skills available, I used dumplings and healing potions a lot less.
  4. Yes, definitely get your weapon to True Profane Lv10, and you'll see 2 progression paths for you to choose at that point. My suggestion is leveling to 50 first before deciding which path to go with: Siren-Pirate-Breeze or Oathbreaker-Breeze. Depending on how you play. one may be easier than another. In the meantime, keep all the purple weapon rewards from quests (you may use them for breakthrough/evolution later), and read about the 2 different paths to form your own opinion on which one works better for you.
  5. Daily dash

    I thought numbers greater than 3 were put on the spins for decorative purpose.
  6. Misty Wood Necklace

    It's sad when you start to appreciate bots. With the amount of rng and grind needed, only bots would stick around and farm with you.
  7. Adressing Faction inbalance ?

    On my server, crimson is dominating, not just by number, more so by gear. Crimson has been full since the day I started playing, so most new/low level players joined cerulean. There may have been some short windows of opportunities to join them, and many high geared cerulean either switched or stopped playing. This just makes crimson getting more and more powerful over time. Unless they make soulstones farmable outside of pvp content, I don't think faction imbalance will ever be fixed.
  8. I've used meters in WoW for years. Comparing the game design of the two games, I don't think meter fits in this game, because it doesn't use the tank/heal/dps trinity in group content. I see mechanics and utility more important here, as long as you provide sufficient damage, not max damage. Even in WoW, simply chasing meters could do more harm than good, and people who know how to use meters never just look at the dps numbers, either.
  9. Gaming Laptop

    I'm not an expert on computers, but I don't think mine is that much better than yours and it runs this game fine. Mine is an HP Omen with i7-4720HQ, GTX 960M, 8G RAM, and 256G SSD. You may want to check your system like drivers, background process, network speed, etc.
  10. I was in a similar situation when I was at your level. Like what the poster above said, it is easier to farm gold than leveling up the crafting yourself at your level. The best way to earn gold for me was actually running ToE and 40+ blue dungeons. When popular items drop, you could get a good share of the bidding money. There are some easy dailies you can do that give decent money, but I wouldn't spend time in E-Fleet or Blackram zones now, because without being in a good group, it would take much longer to finish those dailies (or if they can even be finished at all with low gear) than spamming cross-server dungeons. This will take some time to grind before you get a weapon decent enough to start Silverfrost. Silverfrost quests give more money rewards. It helped me to upgrade my weapon from True Inferno to True Profane. Then, it is the time again to figure out how to earn gold and how to upgrade.
  11. Beginner question. Wasting my time?

    I'm still new to this game, and only got my first toon to level 50, so here is just my 2 cents based on my experience. What got me hooked in this game is the graphic, stories and combat of various classes. I didn't care much of the "end game." I came into the game expecting some degrees of grind, but it has exceeded my expectation. My understanding of the "end game" has at least 10 times worse grind than leveling to 50. So get to level 50 first and see how you feel. I've lost a friend to grind in game with a level 44 FM. For 50+ content, you probably won't get much sense of "end game progression" until you are on par with the geared players that are way ahead right now, unless you can find a clan or a group with similar levels as yours. You'll either be carried by the higher geared players or not accepted to their group. Because of the massive grind, it will take a while to catch up too. This is not unique to this game, and it happens in many other MMOs too. Just keep that in mind if "end game" is really important to you. The concern of players leaving the game is a valid one, because many group activities rely on the player base on your server. However, this also varies from server to server. I don't think there is sever transfer available in this game if you were on the "wrong" one. Each server may have their own issue as well, even there are plenty of players around. For example, on mine, we are so outnumbered by the opposite faction and we can't do the PvP quests unless you are there at the right time in the right channel. After all, it is still up to the individual to judge whether or not it is a "waste of a time" playing. For me, as long as I'm enjoying it, even I quit tomorrow I'm not wasting time playing it now.
  12. Question about airborn

    Besides Blade Dancer, can any other classes send the enemy into airborne? I was in a dungeon and the boss went airborne a few times. I didn't click F or X (if specced), which are the only 2 ways that I know a BD can do it. One time the boss went up in the air when I was spamming RMB, so I'm pretty sure that I didn't do it.
  13. Daily Challenge

    I just hit level 50 today and got the daily challenge, so you don't need HM 5 for it. I did teleport to the older zones then back to silverfrost before the challenge showed up though. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. One of the dailies is ToE, which I did earlier when I was still 49, and it is credited as 1/4 of the challenge. However, the rest of the challenges are all in silverfrost, so if everyone gets the same set of quests, I don't think it would work for lower levels.
  14. Forum login

    I'm having the same login issue today.
  15. We need a kick function

    I was in a cross-server dungeon the other day and we vote kicked somebody offline. So not every group has this vote kicking thing? Sorry if this is a newb question. Still sorta new to this game.
  16. This is exactly my point. I'm not including my gender info because I don't think it matters in a video game. And, don't assume my gender just because I play certain class/race.
  17. I love the adorable cuteness of lyn summoners and their cats. It is obviously targeting players who like cute/adorable characters, though those players could be female or male (yes, I know customization can make them un-cute). Since we are not limited to a single character (some games do that), I could have one adorable cute female summoner playing cat dress-up, and another male gon destroyer to look strong, powerful and intimidating. Maybe in general there are more girls liking cuteness than guys, but better not stereotype gender based on race/class. As far as I know, my friends play both genders in video games, regardless of their gender in real life.
  18. Question about airborn

    Thanks for all the answers and advises. I've been careful with Take Flight when around melees. I admit that there could be accidental F clicking on my side, but I don't want to take all the "credits" when somebody said "LBM is the only one does it as I know." I guess it might be some outdated perception, assuming LBM meant Lyn Blade Master.
  19. I started playing this game several weeks ago. I'm new to this game but not new to MMORPG. When I hit level 45, I was a little surprised by the jump of difficulty in the Silverfrost quest line, and the lack of options to advance (or catch-up) other than grinding E-Fleet and BSH like everyone else who started at the game's launch. I was taking my time questing and leveling, and spending gold carefully, so I had enough gold to get Awakened Infernal on all weapons and accessories when I hit 45. However, that is not enough gear to continue into Silverfrost. I had all the un-tradable mats from quests to get to True Profane, but I don't have the gold for the Moonwater stones and upgrade cost. Doing E-Fleet and BSH dailies to earn gold was almost impossible at this gear level without being carried. At this point, I was seriously thinking about buying gold with real money to upgrade my weapon. Luckily, I did a few dungeons with high bidders and was able to upgrade to True Infernal, and continued questing in Silverfrost with the True Infernal (I could be wrong, but I feel not everyone is able to do this with True Infernal). Later, I used gold from Silverfrost questing to upgrade to True Profane, which would take me a lot longer to grind in Moonwater. But now again, I'm in the same boat: grind E-Fleet/BSH or pay a lot of gold to upgrade. I think this is where the silver-lining is: if you are late into the game, you pay to skip the grind to catch up, or stay behind and grind on your own. In regards to this aspect, the game is not "new player friendly" or "alt friendly" at its current age, but well, they want us to pay real money above all, don't they?
  20. I just hit level 45 and got my quest to duel Mushin in the tower, but I can't beat him to pass that quest. This is my first toon in the game. I'm wondering if my weapon and gear should be upgraded or it is a skill issue (e.g. I'm doing something wrong). I haven't done anything in the E. Fleet or Blackram Supply Chains. I'm at ~260 AP and ~24K HP. I'm not fond of the dailies in those 2 zones, so I'd prefer skip them if possible. However, if I magically pass the Mushin dueling quest in my current gear, will I have a hard time questing in the Silverfrost zones?
  21. Gear needed before starting Silverfrost

    I bought this, and it also kept my HP above 24K when mixing some SS for higher crit (~33%). After hitting 46, I tried the quest again with my maxed True Inferno weapon @~300 AP (didn't have the gold to upgrade further). With the help of good luck, I passed the quest. The extra damage definitely helped to do enough burst damage when I wasn't CCed. Now I am able to continue the main story line in Silverfrost Mountains. The quest "boss" fights are on the similar level with the Mushin dueling fight, but have less CCs, which is good, and I'm able to manage so far. Thanks for the all the help in this thread.
  22. Gear needed before starting Silverfrost

    I just realized that my weapon is further behind in evolution than I thought. I didn't know there are quite a few more stages for weapons than accessories before "Awakened Siren." I will work on the weapon and get it to True Profane before trying the main story quest again. Due to the cost for upgrade, I'll prioritize weapon over accessories even though I may be able to upgrade accessories first. Hopefully, in the meantime, I'd collect a better set of Soul Shields too. BTW, my blade dancer is Yetan on the server Yunwa (NA).
  23. Gear needed before starting Silverfrost

    Just the part to duel Mushin in the main quest line "Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness". I've read that I need to get him to 30%, but I'm far from it in my best attempt. Fixing some of my talents and do better may help me, but I'm just wondering if it is even doable with my weapon and gear for an average or sub-average player like me. If it is doable, I can farm the supply chains while leveling through Silverfrost, rather than farm and grind now.