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  1. It is possible to burst 41k damage without any use of buffs such as SB and bluebuff. And I will show you a screenshot later in yeti. I did this a few days ago with lightning. It lasted for about a good 5 seconds. If you're talking about 41k DPS - you're correct. But damage as you stated? Sure.
  2. Im just wondering, but how is that a macro? He's simply holding down rmb, then releasing it and holding down flicker until rmb is up - and repeat. Tab + hold down rmb. If you wanna see macro, there are several videos of the same NA-fire bm that posts videos out. There you can see him rapidly spamming keys.
  3. Don't forget that people can't even kill Ken & Gen with consistency either, or even the two twin birds. Yeti and asura has been out for too long, multiple guides for them out there and none of these pug players know what to do. I've had 600 ap + in my rooms and I still get swipers that wipe all the time. Oh, also not to mention. When you ask them "Anybody who doesn't know? Speak up" and nobody is saying anything, sometimes even when you try to explain them "stfu noob"
  4. lol, thanks for the good laugh :)
  5. You are the one who doesn't get it. And stop lying that you're playing on KR. It clearly shows that you haven't, and Jaesung/Junho says the class is a GOOD TIER in PVP, but it's at the bottom in PvE. You can't freaking compare PVP to PVE. What sense does that make? You are attacking someone for stating the fact just because you hate hearing someone saying bad things about your upcoming main that you'll eventually drop anyways. He is not trying to trick anyone (cus who would?). Wait and see for yourself, people will have AP requirements + NO SF like @launch with sins, cause they had no party ut
  6. Two step vertification on account and e-mail, no backup e-mail - only phone number in case you cant use the two step there and then. From here you should be safe. But then again, I dont accept anything from anybody, only gf. Doubt shes a hacker lmao
  7. He is probably using elemental legendary (which we dont have yet). If you play on KR and you see everybody using lightning but they say fire is better, have you tried asking for which situation? Koreans are machine man, the pixelperfect anicancel due to the ping, perfect tanks. What more could you ask for? LOL
  8. @Stormpooper Ya, I've tried it and didn't like it at all. Pretty sure a good FM can steal aggro from a fire-tank BM or whatever people call it. The thing is that if you're going to be main tank with fire build, you're going to lose more dps with that than lightning regardless. I don't understand your point with cyclone, care to explain? I'm saying that the cyclone that activates when successfully blocking or resisting goes better with pierce, so you can TANK while doing DPS in normal stance. Why would you ever use pierce in normal stance if you're fire? Thats asking for a leg shot.
  9. @Stormpooper You are forgetting one thing though. I dont know if you changed your mind or if this thread is alive or not, but rmb+lmb is the way to go for tanking. If you wanna play "dps" BM, might aswell reroll. Or get another dpser for your spot. You have legendary now with honed slash +10% dmg, and later legendary soulshields that gives +15% flicker dmg and some extra bonus. This is why its superior to fire in KR at least. People are forgetting that, just to mention it again - lightning is to control the bossfight and being maintank, since BM is a burster, you just cyclone and sunderin
  10. Get more ram, install win7. If you dont want to get a new cpu, theres not much you can do. Unpark cores
  11. Upgrade mbo and cpu. Im using Gigabyte G1 z97 and i5 4690k @ 4.5ghz. Max fps everywhere except crowded areas, down to 40-50 fps during ssp and harvest/baylee
  12. *Unpark Core Utility -Coderbag *Get windows 7, no point in using new os with old hardware *Try gameboosters *Get used to the lag or you'll have to get a new rig or quit the game.
  13. Even with optimization, you're not going to get more fps than what you have. Such thing as optimization when the game and engine is really really old will only smoothen the gameplay and tighten your fps gap, not increasing it, sadly.
  14. Im running AMD 280 and i5-4690k OC @ 4.5Ghz and I have 30-50 fps during harvest. You will never ever get stable 30 without an overclocked cpu. Ive done everything I can to get the best performance. That means installing win7, no junk on my computer. Only have chrome, discord, BnS, Avast, Crimson radeon driver. Pretty empty, overall 120 fps everywhere except for Grand Harvest. Stable 50 fps during baylee or big bad beetle with a crowded channel. My gf has an overclocked i5-6600k and she has about 5-7 more fps than me @ 4.4Ghz Conclusion: Go hard or go home.
  15. @OneYouHate I forgot to say that I play on EU. As majority of the EU population whining about the arena server is located in NA, so the ping is 230+. However, which I said earlier, WTFast fixes this routing issue. I never stated I had 150ms in arena, but without any pingbooster (to fix the routing) you will experience 3 seconds delay.
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