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  1. It isn't a phishing scam lol. Instead of uploading the image to imgr/etc he took the image straight from the ticket. Hence why it says you have to login(to the account that the ticket is on). we wont be able to see the image unless its your own ticket
  2. When the soulfighter is added the max Slots you can have will be 9.And yes you will get a free add. slot when SF comes out, that will be permanent. There is no such thing, in this game, as a temp slot.
  3. Warlock Main -50 True pirate Summon - 50 True profane Sin - 49 True profane KFM - 48 Awaken Siren FM - 45 Infernal xD LBM - 36 lol I have no life T_T I want to get every class to 50 eventually, tho i hate Des
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