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  1. [Muffinsecks] is currently recruiting active endgame players. 550AP + preferred but if you're more pvp oriented we can talk. We are rank 15 and we have one of if not the highest end uniforms on the server. We have a mix of hardcore (670 AP + Legendary etc) / casual players but are trying to grow our hardcore base. PM Allah Trumpbar or Doson
  2. crb1

    5 players LFG

    Hi Bex, "Muffinsecks" is recruiting active players like yourself + friends. We are rank 15 and have a very high end uniform/ head. We have several 600 + legendary hc players and a number of more casual players. I'm looking for more hardcore players for the upcoming patches. Pm Allah Trumpbar or Doson
  3. I went from SMN class ranking 227 when i logged off yesterday to 690 when i logged in today...
  4. I do 550 AP + so I dont have to carry players like attacCAt. ALSO i'm a summoner and I have 601 AP ... if i go into a party with people at 450 AP I will have to tank everything which is annoying
  5. This is a joke ... Arena is 100% compromised. The servers should not even be up while this is happening. People are paying to play this game.... The problem isnt even limited to these top players. There are hundreds of other hacking summoners climbing the ranks. By tomorrow.... the top 200 or so players will all be hacking summoners. Not sure what will happen when 2 invincible summoners that can both take 0 damage fight each other. Is it possible to have a tie?
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