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  1. ... and they still schedule their Maintenances like that? In the middle of the day in EU? After more than 1 year? :|
  2. Hey guys! I am just coming back to the game after quite some time and wanna start new. So, was wondering what server do you guys recommend me to hop on? (EU) Which one is the most populated? On which one are you guys? Thanks!!
  3. I thank you all for the answers. Haven't thought I'll get so many answers. Now, please, stop "attacking" each others only because you have diff. ideas. I get it. There are bots, but not as many as before. Or maybe more. I will see. I've made up my mind. I just finished installing my new hardware so I'll go to sleep for some hours, and after that I'll be trying the game and decide if I'm gonna stay. With Legion on the way it's pretty hard for me to main BnS anyway, even if it would've been in a better state. I'll just finish the story (from the last story update) and then do some c
  4. I'd love to tell you my ap, but I don't remember. There's some time since I left. I left because of 2 reasons. 1. My mobo died. Today I received my new mobo, gpu, cpu and cpu cooler, and later today I'll be assambying (sorry for grammar/typo, I know the word's not rightly wroten) my new pc. And 2. I would've taken a break anyway after seeing that livestream with that "big" guy (no insult or offence intended. I just don't remember his name) and that french guy. Seeing how they treated the community in that stream session. How they barely knew anything about the game's issues and how
  5. @RoyalMiku Thank you for your answer. As well to others, but this reply was the most accurate. In your opinion, @RoyalMiku, is it worth coming back to the game and making it my main game again?
  6. Hello guys! After some time, I consider coming back to the game, is it still worth? I have some questions below. Please try asking them friendly and please don't troll me. Thank you! -How's the bots,hackers and spammers issue going on? -Have the servers been improved? (latency) -Have they optimized the game in any way? (fps drops) -Is getting geared up/upgrading still so demanding to play the game as your full-time job? -How's the game's population going on? Is it bigger or not, than ... let's say 3 months ago? + or -? -Are the disconnects stil
  7. An archer class would make more sense since there are already hundreds of NPCs wearing bows, thr animations are there and... Yeah... Stuff like that. Tho I don't think how would an archer fit with the martial arts theme, same with gunner. You are a hongmoon stundent that... Uses bows or guns? Is that what the hongmoon martial arts are about? Shooting people in the face the same way a gangster does? Or a normal hunter? Where's the martial arts in that? Even tho I'd love to see one or both of those in-gamr, since my main in WoW was a hunter, and I plan to play as a gunner/gunsli
  8. Do some research. There are some ways that work for some, and there are none for others. I am not going to list here all the ways you can try to fix it because there are too many. I will just tell you what worked for me. 1. I uninstalled AVAST Antivirus. Funny one, but it gave me stuttering. Now I have only Windows Defender and I am happy with it. (Windows 10) I don't see why I'd ever need any other Antivirus, if I have WDef from Win10, which does it job prett well. (Windows Antivirus Essentials/or something like that for Win7) 2. I've maxed all the in-game graphics settings. For so
  9. So, these are my questions. I kindly ask you guys to explain to me. 1. What are the Soul and Soul Badge slots? 2. If the Soul items and Soul Badge items are gear-like accesories, are them the same as the other accesories? Like you evolve them/upgrade them, from a stage to another and make breakthrough? Like you first start with 1 item, like the other accesories, and then you breakthrough that item forward, again... as the accesories. 3. If the answer is yes for the 2nd question, then where does one get the first Soul and Soul Badge items?
  10. Fanboy? Hah. Haven't said there's no problem with the game. I'm just sayin the community has a huge role in why the game is in the state that it is. But go on and think what you want to think. I don't really care, to be honest. So the fact that the forums and faction chat are full of haters that give no arguments and just say the game sucks and isn't worth playimg anymore, has no role in a game's life? Interesting. So the community is not to blame AT ALL for the toxicity the playerbase is full of.
  11. The game is also dying because of peoplr putting spicy titles like "game dead/game sux/game not worth/etc" because a player, before starting a game, he checks the forums to see the current state of the game. Firsr thing he sees is these title of "mass-media-like" title which makes him not even try the game. Those topic titles also make actual players leave because seeing a sentence too many times makes you in subconscious believe it and you start bring paranoic with everything. You start asking yourself if that titles are right and you start seeing every bad thing in-game as a reason to why th
  12. And also make CTRL+F to only disable allies or neutral players. It is frustrating not knowing when an enemy comes(while fighting a boss, with many around ya), only after you die.
  13. Damn. As a former wow rp player I'd love to rp in bns, too bad I'm on EU Windrest so can't join ya. It would've been awesome tho. T.T
  14. I am not going to watch the video, for spoiler reasons. So the story is still ongoing there. Damn thay's good news for me. Thank you!! <3
  15. How is your post relevant to the topic?
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