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  1. So today i was on the game and i was somehow trying to help people with their "framerate issues" in the game... then i realized that the people who play "BNS" on "Windwos 10" still doesn't use the "native dx9 libraries"... Long story short, on Windows 10 the default dx is 11~12 and when it sees a dx9 app it will emulate the dx9 using the CPU or so. In order to gain an overall "20-40" (on my machine) fps boost to the game and overall stability you actually need to install the "dx9 libraries" so the CPU won't emulate it / them anymore. Now i don't know why these aren't packaged wi
  2. +1, I have a tall char and i have to zoom out every time i enter an area basically. It's annoying but i can get by that, however when i'm in arena 1v1 or even 3v3 every time i "tag in" or "interfere" or the "i spawn at the start" etc... i have to manually zoom out and it is is more than just simply annoying...
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