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  1. I play a FM as well lvl 50 HM8, I play on the server group 2 Cardinal Gates. Our disadvantage are the arena DC's and lags,I asked some ofmy Clan Mates and they said that the latency spikes only got worse lately. So I really hope that they will fix it in one of the future patches. If you are stuck in a KFM's combo for example you can only Tab through I frame windows in his rotation, thats why Tab only pops up for a split second. But arena can really break our necks, and one of those reasons are our escape skills. We can use F if its not on CD, we have Tab and 1, with 1 being almost comple
  2. Yo! If you start playing F8 cross server dungeons you could experience lag or ping issues aswell. In Arena the problem with engaging at level 30-ish is that you can only use your tab if specked and maybe F to roll back, you really have to master the time you have to escape to get out of certain combos. But my addvice would be to play the full story first before you really start PvPing, the full story will get you to Lvl50 HM 5. The ingame MS counter doesn't work out for me if i play on my server group and not cross, the MS counter shows that i have around 250ms latency even though i have
  3. Hello everyone, I need the recipe for crafting ofcourse so I cheeked F5 and it was up to 30g. I looked it up on Google to find out that it's suppose to drop in Bokdon Hideout (Samja). I did around 30 runs and always got the same stuff and no recipe was stated on the droplist of his box. So can someone tell me if it's still there or moved to another dungeon ?
  4. I never heard of this bug before nor did this ever happend to me or someone i know. Maybe the scalling in the UI menu is bugged for you ?
  5. I play on Group 2 ( Cardinal Gates ) as well and you can always ask for help if you should struggle with something
  6. I think that Windrest ( Group 1 ) is the most populated server in EU right now and low level areas are far from being dead u.u
  7. Boy oh boy am I angry. After a hard day of work I wanted to play with my new clan mates when I had to find out that my Client kept crashing. I looked the 4049 error up on Google and tried various ways to get rid of the problem ( deleting Game Guard files, exchanging Game Guard files with an older version ) but nothing helps, I tried to repair my files, I restarted my PC but it just wouldn't work ( I looked at the Game Guard loading bar when you start the client before the BnS logo appears and it didn't even budge before shutting down the client ). After an hour of trying i made the decision to
  8. Ich hab versucht Glacia anzuschreiben, funktioniert aus irgendeinem Grung nicht .
  9. WachtelSchachtel

    Tag Match

    Hallöchen, dank des Server Merges haben sich die meisten Spieler aus dem Clan in dem ich war verflüchtigt und nun bin ich auf der Suche nach Leuten die an 3v3 interesse hätten. Ich spiele einen KFM 50 HM 3, FM 50 HM 7 und Assassin 50 HM 1 , wer Lust hat kann mich gerne anschreiben. Ich spiele auf dem Server Cardinal Gates unter CourtClown oder CharadeClown.
  10. I have the same problem and i don't use any ping booster. My own character doesn't dissapear in dungeon lobby but sometimes only 2 other players characters appear the rest being invisible.
  11. Ok guys even the yun ponytail hairstyle loks like an replica of an already existing BnS hair mod... ^ without the ears ofcourse
  12. All regions have the same story, in KR there was like a dark and light path if I'm not mistaken. But all regions have the same story line now. For example : Gubong died in KR dark path but you meet him again in our versoin of the story after the last fight with Jinsoyun.
  13. Hey guys, this might be a stupid question but does the cobalt widow wig still drop from dungeons or is the archivement vendor the only way to get it? I was one of those poor souls who never got the merchant of wonders to drop the wig and i don't really wanna pay 100g for the wig x.x
  14. She has the word " Clown" in her name, but i thought about giving her red or blue hair.
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