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  1. Hello everyone and good morning or night. Anyone knows when Blade and Soul will came out for consoles? any date release??
  2. Hello lads. I was wondering how to get Brilliant keys or if is possible to craft them maybe? o: Can someone help me with that?
  3. Hello Everyone! i have a nuv question ._. It is possible to have the Old Straus Empire outfit from Blackram Narrows in solo?
  4. Hello Everyone. What's the best soulshield combination for you? have a nice day/night
  5. Hello Everyone. I'm still a newbie using Kung Fu Master class, but I already reached lvl 50 Hongmoon 2. I was wondering what can I do to make/use the Searing Blow move? Sorry for my silly question, but hope you can help me plz. Have a sweet day.
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