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  1. do you not see the deserted areas in the game? man i swear white knights are dumb af
  2. do you play this game? because the game is my proof
  3. new players don't know that and will mostly walk around doing quests and what not, but you don't see that which means thsi game isn't getting any new players, and older players at some point have or will quit this game thus meaning the game is DYING. now stop white knighting ty.
  4. gonna disregard everything you said and explain what i meant with my post: deserted areas = low ammount of players
  5. alright edit: why is my post before op's post?
  6. ignore the white knights saying the game is very well alive because it isn't. Pre 50 areas do not have any players and 50 areas only have a few players. "but mushin tower has many players!!!" i wouldn't be surprised if those players were 90% of the server population
  7. i remember back in january when ncsoft said not being able to send items to alts without charging nc coins was a bug, but here we are in august and now this happens
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