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  1. honorary ornament

    yeti and lair 4 man never drop on pass week
  2. 64-Bit problems so far.

    I back to use 32bit because can't see any chat on lobby crossserver dungeon my ram 16g
  3. is this real?

    He got it from?
  4. thank you Bots....

    you are very bad luck i got the weapon on my alt char from 3-4box very bore to farm this boss
  5. Is merchant event over?

    I not see npc merchant 3-4day ago
  6. New Dungeon: Naryu Foundry very long dungeon and very hard mech for AP600+
  7. Server Freeze and DC

    Server down i stuck on loading and dc again good night
  8. Secret Updates Secret Crit Rate Nerf for Summoner

    My BM hm 7 ap 580 crti 18000+ and my sm hm 11 ap 699 crit 8000-11000 haha very sad
  9. Content Drought

    I have some felling it same RNG It made Premium Stone 1500g it gone give my 2ea
  10. Trove event share what u got

    i think it some nerf after minternace 2 day ago i got 20key but no got critical anything
  11. Blade Dancer Dps is very low

    Some one BD and DS hard to kill on WW and pvp he just resist and alway spin to win can't do anything
  12. i give up on this event !!

    I run 5-10round per day some time can win on 1-3round i collect coin for outfit it look nice so yellow gem i got on trove event run with party gank is better chant to win

    Mushin's Tower Floor 9-15 How much drop moonstone?
  14. my clan got 200gox not gem it bad random
  15. Pirate/Siren Emblems Solution?

    i stuck on siren Ring, Earring, and necklass can't find pirate accessory drop on box on ap 500+