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  1. Huh? did you two even read my post? about people pointing fingers at us saying we op, where does it say I don't know how to play my class? man I swear I think think these forum posters are bots too. THE CLASS IS BROKEN! even on the KR side, we are simply incomplete and our pet is bugged or gets bugged.
  2. thank you for understanding.
  3. Is it worth learning the rumblebee secret skill?

    Beez the bomb! I am using t1 level 3 version and I still drain hp of bosses and in pvp when an opening shines bright. Beez t1 lvl 3 got me pass Jung, I was very happy .
  4. Rumblebees PVE

    Beez the bomb! I am using t1 lvl 3 version and it still own bosses.
  5. Petal Storm question: Resists status effects?

    Well how the hell do we defend against melee?
  6. We are living a lie, some evil being corrupted all of our minds to believe that summoning cats is the truth, our Summoner Goddess is trap somewhere in another dimension and I.. we shall fight to return her!
  7. I don't understand people on the pvp side in arena by constantly pointing fingers at us like we are truly op, our class is so broken very so very limited on evasive skills it's a joke, we have to force play a class pass it's limits when fighting other classes, our pet don't even respond to our commands correctly nor use it's stuns etc etc but yet these true over power class users want to point false fingers at us????
  8. mind telling what you are forced to get in pvp? Thank you for understanding and getting right to the point, I see how my thread got secretly derailed by completely ignoring the MAIN REASON i MADE THIS THREAD. Posting up problems like this seems to get certain people HIGHLY DEFENSIVE and it seems to be coming from people that are abusing the arena but they try to hide it when commenting, like if someone post up OBVIOUS CHEATING BEHAVIOR that spreading rapid fast in the community with countless videos of it, you would aspect to get more post like yours, I mean dude was pretty aggressive with his questions like as if the CHEATING DON'T EXIST! it does not matter who I faced, I pointed out what I was dealing with but that information was ignored.
  9. I need 20k beans to get 10 purple Naryu coins to upgrade my weapon to Siren and 70 soulstones.
  10. You are ABSOLUTELY right! it is literally pointless to post here. Good day.
  12. I mean it's not even that hard to hit 1600 for any player type and their is no such thing as perfection PERIOD you only get that by cheating.
  13. Dude summoner class is not even near BD, KFM game style, we are a broken class.... wait getting off the track, people are using cheats man stop defending that garbage alright?
  14. I am a summoner by the way, which makes no difference when dealing with cheaters.