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  1. Ascension Orbs / CS + Mandate

    Both mandate and cold storage are part of the event and require ascension orbs - yet we have no way of obtaining these other than 1 shard per DC. That means even if we do 11 characters DCs, we don't make enough orbs to do both dungeons every day. Not having easy DCs in CS and mandate already makes playing the game on lower geared characters. After telling us we could save White Orbs to use, there seriously needs to be compensation. This is the worst thought out change so far. Actually ridiculous NCsoft think they can get away with this.
  2. Desired cosmetics!

    Just an idea, since NC bring back outfits or other skins now and then, lets talk about which ones you'd like to return (hint hint) :'D My friend has been talking about wanting the Junghado Illusion weapon to come back for MONTHS now and I think it'd be nice for that to come back somehow... Personally, I would really like for Sweet Emotion or Colorful Autumn Leaves to come back too ! And the cat weapons. What would you guys love to see returning?
  3. Hardmode Merchants

    hi i have been doing 1-2 hard mode trains (usually just dd>st but now tsm and sometimes old ones) per day for 3+ months. + ever since tsm was released, myself and my group have not seen a merchant. over HUNDREDS of hardmode dungeons.... am i being punished by god take me out of the naughty corner (have seen 0 RT/DD outfits too :c )
  4. Yura's hair

    Yea, I prefer collecting wigs/hair adornments to collecting outfits since they're much more wearable. A wig RNG box would be awesome for me! :)
  5. Regarding Cosmetics....

    Speaking of ridiculous pay walls on outfits - what is this??? 2k NCoin for the new swimsuit?????????????????????????????? It is dyeable and comes with a hat. No dance, no adornment as far as i'm aware. Every other cosmetic that came out for such a high price came with a dance or emote or SOMETHING. Being able to dye something shouldn't add an extra 800 ncoin. This is grasping. NcSoft is isolating the casual market pulling this kind of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Whales are still going to buy it, i'm sure. But what casual is going to spend 2000 ncoin on a swimsuit with nothing special? I'm pretty sure outfit sales come mostly from casuals, the roleplay community and such. They're actually cutting off that whole market just cuz Trove didn't do well (because endgame players didn't buy into it knowing that NCSoft ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up our endgame raid for a week with ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ compensation).
  6. QoL Suggestions

    Something I have always found concerning about Blade & Soul is the lack of GM presence. Outside of being able to Tweet at Jonathan or post here on the forums, there is little interaction between NCWest and the community. In other games I have played in the past, players have openly been able to come into contact with GMs and ask questions in either a casual or formal manner. The closest thing our current title has is being able to send in support tickets - which are rarely replied to with more than a copy pasted response. I'm sure plenty of people ask for a lot of annoying stuff, but it is frustrating feeling like you're trying to communicate with people who don't even play the game. A number of times I've had to correct the responses I've received from support simply because I knew the responses were straight up wrong. The current GMs rarely playing the game or being available in-game is a huge red flag in itself for many players. Despite this, I understand you guys probably don't have the resources to hire new GMs or start dishing out more paychecks. My concept for a solution is taking real players as volunteers of sorts and giving them some kind of 'elevated' status, like baby GMs. Unable to do anything on their own, but in semi-direct contact with those who can. Being able to talk to people who you know will get your message through or answer some of your questions would be a huge relief to a large majority of the player base. I am an (overly) active player, raid and clan leader and would be interested in volunteering my time in this kind of way. I'm sure many people like myself would also be willing to donate their time into helping the players voices be heard in-game. A player vote of sorts or interview could be used to determine eligibility for this role. I know you guys have been in direct contact with guilds in the past, so please consider broadening your horizons!