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  1. TL:DR : NC : Eh, we cant just give stuff out that people would be willing to pay cash for. The big spenders won't care, they'll just buy the new mats from us anyways. The only people this will effect are F2P and low spenders and they don't keep our lights on and our mansions warm. Players : REEEEEEEEEE *impotent nerd rage that everyone will immediately move on from because ooo new merchant event*
  2. No, you can't. You can get the accursed and tormented weapons from the dragon express, but not chromatic.
  3. I get 30+ friend requests from bots within one or two days. I can guarantee on my server group the amount of bots has not been reduced in any meaningful way.
  4. So...another event that gives more to people who already have it and nothing to people who actually need it? Yay. (Seriously does NCsoft not grasp that people who need these mats AREN'T the whales that already have baleful/seraph?)
  5. I'm sorry, what? Of course the amount of bots you SEE is less than when you started if you BLOCKED THE CHAT CHANNELS SINCE THEN. The fact that you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there anymore. You realize you just kind of made Crim's point right? That YOU did the work to take care of the bots yourself and have no idea if there are actually less of them?
  6. After over a decade of MMO gaming, the best advice I can give is this : There is no miracle patch, the best expectations you can have are none at all.
  7. Absolutely, if he wants an idea of how much the bots have been "reduced", logging in and instantly being spammed by gold bots should give him a good idea.
  8. Because that is literally the exact opposite of what the OP was asking? If someone wants to "log in and find out for themselves" they would have done so with or without your permission. When someone comes to the forums asking, it's a pretty safe bet they want advice BEFORE they log in and find out themselves. Though this did remind me to point out that we still haven't gotten the optimization patch for SSP, and that the recent server merges left most imbalanced faction servers even more severely imbalanced. Not even to mention that NCsoft has pretty much said "this is t
  9. You're never going to get people like that to agree with you because most of them are macro users themselves. They consider macros/scripts part of "getting good" at pvp.
  10. So they are changing weapon upgrade paths on the 24th...well they're reducing the costs and allowing you to use alternate items to reduce the material cost as well. As for the community, if by toxic you mean the AP requirements then no. Still high AP requirements, and with the dps meter they're releasing into the game I can't imagine the community is going to get more friendly in the coming months. As for NCsoft, no they still act like they've never played the game before and have no idea how to treat customers like anything other than cash cows. Well, unless you've al
  11. Absolute and utter garbage. I played FFXI for over a decade, a game in which attaining a relic required on average TWO F**CKING YEARS of grinding. This is a game in which reaching max level on any given class usually took about eight months, and you could play EVERY CLASS on one character. Even then, it had less grind and the progression wall was much less steep than BnS. If you honestly believe a single word of what you said, you are delusional.
  12. He is absolutely not a Jin based on everything we know about this game. 1.) There is no evidence anywhere in this game of races mixing. 2.) Yehara is a gon, we know this for a fact because of her idle stance. 3.) Yesana (Yunwa's mother) is Yehara's sister which means she is also a Gon. AND 4.) Yunwa's father was the last of Mushin's bloodline. Which given ZERO evidence of any racial mixing in this game would lead any rational person to conclude that Mushin's bloodline are GONS.
  13. So...who wants to be the one to tell him the game's primary antagonist is already a Gon? ._.;
  14. For every person using this as an excuse for not adding kick function. Shut up, you have no idea what you're talking about. You CAN'T KICK while there is loot in the pool, even now when you can only kick offline players you still can't kick them if someone is looting on something. Stop using this argument, you're only making it more obvious how little you even understand the system we already have.
  15. So western people should just be like asian people and everything will be solved? No. This is entirely the fault of the publisher for EXPECTING western gamers to be exactly the same as their Korean/Chinese/Japanese customers. The problem with western gamers is not that we're greedy, it's honestly not even a problem really. We were raised in a culture where work is rewarded with SOME SORT OF PROGRESS. We don't expect everything right away, but we darn well expect SOMETHING for our time and effort. The concept of doing a boatload of work and getting nothing for it at the
  16. I refuse to even use my scales anymore. I farm them, I sell them, but I will never use one again. How people think a 60s item is suitable recompense for a 6-10g entry token, I will never understand.
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