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  1. And how much FPS you are getting? in raids/dungeons i bet less than 40 Bro look at ur spec you should have at least 65-80 stable if not thats poor for ur pc spec
  2. PC specs: CPU:i7-8700k i run it at 4.5ghz GPU:GeForce GTX 1060 6gb RAM:16GB First dont say there is a problem with my pc cuz there is not Second, its cleary the 3rd spec has a huge fps drops, like with this pc spec im getting 4-5fps while fighting? are you kidding me? what did you do to the 3rd spec codeing? and why is KFM not effected from it? fix the spectral bm already its not FUN playing a game with IMAGES, it kills all the fun. Unreal Engine 4 can wait we dont need a better grapichs, we need a better performance. Spectral Blade Master in unplaya
  3. As i said 9 hits cuz the first hit is a Crit but the rest 9 are white and deal 200-400damge even if the first hit is a crit
  4. Hello guys, who ever plays bm have you noticed that the skill One Strike,Ten Cuts is not really like working anymore its like im not dealing any damage and i dont see crits and all i see is 200damg of 9 cuts (9 hits of the skill) and they are all white and 200-400damge
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