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  1. You're not alone, one of my clanmates has been waiting for over 2 days for NC to respond to their ticket..
  2. From my understanding, getting a 4th or more orbs will just refresh your 3 orb stacks. That's why healer 1 and 3 have to get a refresher on the 6th or 7th orb so they're able to pick up the orb and heal while the soakers who have just 2 stacks get stunned and can't do anything during the actual healing phase.
  3. I noticed this too since my friend had Tae Jangum and I've been wanting the Zulia pet.. I hope they do have plans on re-sizing her at some point cause even on the Treasure Trove page, she's shown to be much larger in size:
  4. When I do dailies on alts, I usually move over my gems but for some reason my soul fighter has ghost mail? Either that or I just lost my gems. It says I have 4 normal mail but it shows nothing. Anyone ever had this happen to them?
  5. I agree they should have a male version of this outfit as well. It'd be more understandable for a female only outfit if it was a super skimpy/lingerie kind or if it'd hard for them to make a male version of it. But even then there's male versions of outfits like rough customer..the female one looks NOTHING like the male one.
  6. Is there a chance that temptation will EVER come back? I missed the first time because I was still leveling my first character so leveling another to max was a bit much for me especially back then when questing took forever. I also missed the second time cause I took a break from bns for a few months.. If not then i got so many regrets, its such a nice outfit
  7. I really liked the hair from the grand phoenix so I wouldnt mind if it came back~ the Roses? Are there pictures, I wanna see how it looks o:
  8. oh wow, i never noticed until you pointed it out! they really should fix that at some point, its not fair to people playing male characters
  9. I've wanted the blindfold for a long time and after coming back from a hiatus from the game I decided to gear up and now I'm farming Bloodshade again e ___ e I know we can get a blindfold accessory from the gunner event but I'd really like the dark grey cobalt one instead. I got a hair drop early on but now I'm getting just outfits or nothing at all, i guess i used up all my rng :'o if you guys already have a blindfold/mask, how many runs did it take you guys? if not, i feel your pain v.v
  10. I ended up using my other preset on my soul fighter so i made a new one ' u ' Just deciding whether I want a yun (left) or jin (right)
  11. pretty much all my friends say to try bd and it seems popular here too so i might give it a shot. A part of me also wants to try fm but i'll see how i feel after playing bd for a bit then
  12. Helloooo I've been wanting to make a lyn character since I only have jin/yun and I have a jin warlock so out of the other 3 lyn classes, which is generally more enjoyable to play? We can also talk about all 4 if you guys want to discuss~ I know it also depends on your preferred play style but I wanted to see some opinions from the community.
  13. Oh! I actually recently came back to BnS and am currently taking a break from Els. If you have a good PC and good ping then BnS is a lot of fun so I say definitely give it a shot but you might want to know, a lot of end-game dungeons are very time consuming and sometimes it requires multiple tries to finish a boss until you AND your group learn the mechanics. I feel that Elsword is mostly a hack and slash game so you just keep hitting things until they die. Unlike Els, BnS is a team game so focusing on dps alone will only get you so far. It helps to have a tank and certain classes that provide
  14. I'd actually really like to see something like Flashback or Scarlet Shade
  15. I actually came back around a month ago and the last time I played was a few months after the game was released in NA~ There has been quite a few changes and some are nice. Questing isn't a huge pain anymore, if you follow the yellow quests you'll get caught up to hm lvl 6-7 pretty quickly. When you actually get to upgrading your weapon it really takes time and patience and it helps to have friends to run dungeons with so you don't need to have a bidding war with randoms. I haven't gotten to big raids like skybreak spire but I think by that time you'll wanna find a nice group of friends o
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