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  1. You just have bad luck like the measly 30 other people ranting about the event on forums. Most people in game are pretty happy as it was fairly easy for them to get to 6 or 7. One guy even got 8 back to back in faction chat 

  2. Don't be discouraged by all the negativity on the forums about this event's RNG. In general it's pretty fair, you will only see a lot of complainers on the forums because the people satisfied with the event have no need to come on and moan. My friend got three swimsuits in the 50 corallite that he used, my other friend got it in 10 corallite. On my main, it took me 68 corallite to get to stage 6 on the weapon, but on my alt, it only took me 7. I know there's a thread on here saying that they nerfed the RNG, but I only got that swimsuit in 7 corallite 3 days ago. 

  3. 11 hours ago, chocofernia said:

    im mostly responding cause it made me laugh 

    planes are safer? LOL 

    then say speedrun? some low ap people know what speed run means and can get by quickly-- i probably shouldve added "lfp ap elitists" but honestly the fact you took some mild offense makes me not to 

    if youre tired of the dungeon idk quit the game or stop doing your same ol' routine throughout it? dungeons arent exactly meant to be fun anyways 

    and then when you do hit that lfp button you might grab a hm10 who gets pissy in blackram narrows cause they have to worry abt a couple 23 under struggling through the mobs they skipped lol or they get pissy cause someone rightfully outbids them in naryu lab

    oh right and then good luck recruiting people who all wanna go to 600+ in your own lobby

    are u stupid? 



    u right

    Statistically speaking, planes ARE safer and definitely faster. We don't owe you people anything, you're not our friends. Why should we waste our time on strangers over the Internet who will just slow us down?


    Also, you're complaining about 500-550 AP people and labeling them as elitists? You do realize that you can easily to get to 500 AP without spending any money on the game right?

  4. No offense dude but I think my yun looks bad and she looks kind of similar yours facial wise but her body is slightly better. The arms are too short and skinny for her body, hips too wide for shoulders, and hands too big



  5. 4 minutes ago, WarWarWar said:

    you have nothing to say and now u wanna attack my English and call me a 9 years old, your kind suck man, do yo feel better when your talking down on me dose it boost your ego? i said nothing to be offensive at you, i gave u facts and numbers, but you don't wanna listen u just wanna brag about being lucky, your not the only one, i alrdy told you to drop the me me me attitude, this forums is not yours and yours only.


    you think your above me? please don't be a subhuman with an attitude only a subhuman would tell others that they are beneath him mods should punish u with a temp ban ill make sure of it.


    the event would been much better if we had to collect x amount of fragments without the feel of a failure braking those weapons cost morso i suggest you don't make personal attacks it's against the tose than what you would normally buy from market, but hey you are not here to listen you ignored all the facts that was giving to you in these 3 pages, this is a forum and its made so ppl can communicate and give feedback, but all you think about is you, mememememe.


    there is a big community here that don't agree with you and the way this event is running so i suggest you don't make personal attacks its agents the rules and now i feel personally attacked by you, my english will stay as it is and u will have to live with it.











    Seriously though, can you actually read my replies next time instead of repeating the same complaints in your posts? Thanks amigo 

  6. 17 minutes ago, WarWarWar said:

    first you don't have a "month" check the dates. and you are not guaranteed to get everything you want not with the way its running cant u see why ppl are complaining?

    just cuz you got lucky it doesn't mean many will...consider yourself lucky i alrdy told u ppl used more than 300, ppl wanna buy all the items and u need to pay to get everything u won't get anything if you depend only on your luck,


    you got lucky we get it, memememe, there it other ppl around here and its the majority that rules, numbers don't lie, i can bet that if u wasted more than 300 u would not be saying what your saying  right now now.

    Actually, many people were "lucky," and got the outfit within the first day. You guys are just unlucky, and that's why you took to the forums to complain. If you want to use the "numbers don't lie argument," how many people are complaining on the forums versus the overall population of the game? When I didn't get the swimsuit in the first 50 corallite I used after seeing all my friends get it multiple times, I sucked it up and got two more of those summer groove packages to keep upgrading my weapon. Also, I said you were guaranteed to get the SWIMSUIT by the end of the event if you kept collecting corallite because they can be purchased for 150 coral fragments. 


    Also, just a tip, if you want to sound credible in your complaints, you might want to start employing language above that of a moaning 9 year old. It's very hard to understand someone whose replies are all over the place. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Mucski said:

    I wouldn't mind if there were a higher chance somewhere along down the line on how much you spent. But regardless of that, now or at the end of the month you still have the same chance to fail. And trust me, I failed at stage 0 for at least 30 times. That's ... not even Stage 1.And I don't even want the ember, I just want the costume.

    You have over a month to get the costume. You are guaranteed to get the costume with 150 coral fragments if you don't successfully upgrade your weapon in that time frame. Like I mentioned before, I got it on my 68th corallite, and one of my friends got 3 in 50 corallite and another got it in 10 fragments. The hard ones to get are the ember and gems. It's not that impossible, but you will only see people complaining about not getting anything on the forums because the ones that are happy will have no need to. You do the math, there's maybe 30 people that have come on here to complain versus the hundred thousand player base. 



    And to Zedona, the asura ember is valued at 700 gold. It doesn't matter how much you individually think it's worth, it's how much the player base thinks it's worth. 700 gold is 5.6k nccoin on the current exchange. That's $70 right there. You expect ncsoft to give out $70 to everyone within the first few days of their event? I want whatever drugs you're on

  8. 3 minutes ago, CrimsonKitsune said:

    Umm no I defended her because I agreed with her opinion that is it. No you can't tell me what I meant in my speech because I wrote it I had zero idea ya'll minds would go to money  I NEVER intended money to be brought up but noooo ya'll want to frame it as us vs them when its not and that is the real sad part. Lastly if you don't like my complaints then go somewhere else I find it hard to believe you're defending these policies which are proven to make people want to leave and rather accept fact you turn for comfort in  a lie. 

    "I had no intention of bringing up money, but I use synonyms for money instead" 


    When you create a topic, you are putting yourself up for dissenting opinions. If you and your friend can't handle that, it's time to find a new hobby 

  9. 7 minutes ago, CrimsonKitsune said:

    no you're the one placing labels, first off you brought money into this when no money was mentioned second she made a guess no need to be frightened of a guess lastly STOP talking about money and p2w its annoying as hell

    Just because you blatantly did not spell out money in this topic, doesn't mean "swipe lord" doesn't count as a mentioning of money. I know you're automatically looking to defend anyone who agrees with your complaint, but this is getting kind of sad. Better luck next time 

  10. 16 minutes ago, Melodia said:


    I can't believe I'm reading childish crap like this. Is this reddit now?

    Not spending $500 a month in a f2p MMO each month = not having a good career or children?

    I could easily lay down $500 a month in this game. Do I want to? NO. Do I think it's worth putting money into a company that cares nothing about its customers and does everything it can to drive away new players? NO. Does that mean I can't afford it? NO.

    I have a good career and good family, thank you very much.

    Your attempt at making labeling others is just pathetic.

    Getting a bit defensive as usual, are we now? Until you show me proof that all these top geared people blow over $500 a month on this game, you're going to known as the one making labels. It actually scares me how you're so inefficient at playing that game to the point where you think spending $500 a month is necessary to be highly geared. When you say family, I hope you don't mean any kids. That would be unfortunate for them. I spend maybe $50-70 a month on this game, and 90% of that $50-70 has gone into acquiring costumes. If I were to direct that money into gearing up instead though, I could be legendary no problem. I usually play no more than 4 hours a day, and the majority of those hours are spent sitting around in open world PvP and talking trash. Try to think before you post next time. 

  11. Luck seems to vary. My friend was messaging me when I was out, and he told me the swimsuit would be fairly easy to get as he got 3 seperate weapons to stage 6 with the 50 coralite he bought. I got excited and bought the pack of 50 coralite, and my unlucky ass ended up not getting the swimsuit. It took me 18 more coralite to to finally get the stage 6 weapon. My other friend got to stage 6 razor just with the coralite he had collected from a day's worth of daily dungeons. So really, it seems to vary. 

  12. Most of the people who complain about whales or credit card swipers are people who don't have a sustainable job or career in real life, aka: children or grown ups who don't want a job. Don't even bother calling me a whale, my main is only at 548 AP and I still have siren accessories. The truth hurts.

  13. Yeah I think it's more of a slow problem on OP's part. When I was leveling my fm and SF alts, I would pray that I would get lv 50s in my dungeon so it could go faster and I would get loot easier for upgrade material. It is not hard to keep up with them. You literally just stay up on their ass when they're running and let them take the aggro. Make sure you run directly behind them and not beside them, or you could draw aggro from other adds. I did it in tomb and narrows all the time with no problem. The only red flag that you should drop group for is if the only lv 50 in your team is an assassin. 


    I wokld legit leave dungeons at the entrance if there were no lv 50's in group. If you're actually competent at keeping up, it can benefit you greatly 

  14. 7 hours ago, Melodia said:

    One of those "look mom, I bought a cash shop costume, gotta show that and my slider 100 bewbs to the interweb" thread.

    Both are ugly.

    I sense some projection going on over here. 


    Thanks to all that actually contributed by voting. The rest that tried to put their two cents in without answering the question should go try out Yelp. I hear people on there like to post reviews to pretend that other people value their special opinions. 

  15. Thanks for the feedback so far, but remember guys, I asked which one looked LESS unattractive to you guys. I personally think the yun are extremely difficult to make proportional because they have noodle shaped bodies and no muscle definition whatsoever, but if I used my gon instead, I thought some people would only pick by their racial preference.


    And Lunakitty I agree, the white bikini does distort their bodies. I wanted to take screenshots in their default underwear, because that's what I was viewing my character in when I created her, but my friend insisted that we do bikinis to show off their "assets"

  16. My friend and I have always argued over which of our toons looked better. He thinks more people in this game will find his toon better looking and more attractive, and I think the opposite. As part of a bet, we want you guys to vote which toon you think looks better or which one looks less unattractive, the taller or shorter one.