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  1. 4 hours ago, Susumimi said:



    1) HM8 with 458 AP? Do you take people for stupid or something? Go to a vendor and buy a stock bracelet/earring/ring for 20 silverfrost stones or whatever they cost, wear them, and there's your instant "458 AP". You claim to be a 6v6 "champion" yet you can't afford to upgrade your weapon past pirate? I think everyone can just use one word to describe the situation here. I think you forgot to buy a stock weapon, that way you can go down to an instant 350AP to make yourself more convincing

    2) 6v6 is not P2W? Yeah like I'm sure it takes the same amount of skill for a 700AP whale to survive in 6v6 as a 500AP


    Next time try harder when you want to lie to prove your fanboy-ism.


    Joke's on you, this isn't even my toon, i just knew it would trigger people like you

  2. On August 26, 2016 at 7:41 PM, DirectorTseng said:

    Nice jump right to 'learn to play', there isn't much you can do if you're dead before you even target them. I watched two 700+ WL faceroll an entire PT today constantly, many were running high crit def shield.. granted they also some how managed to soul burn back to back..

    With that kind of attitude, you're never going to get better in PvP. There is some truth to what the op said. Stop trying to use other people's gear to totally excuse your own shortcomings 

  3. 20 hours ago, Alysha Hawkeye said:

    Another "the game must be so dead since I see no one during my leveling?" post? How about check out player's hubs like House of Pleasure, Windrest and Mushin's Tower first.


    And since your friends already left and you're lonely enough to have to rely on faction chit-chat, how about join some kind of clan for a change of breeze?

    Actually, if you don't see people while leveling on the second most populated NA server, that is a pretty telling sign of the game not being that populated. If you're going to use the popular hubs argument, that's like saying the secret world (a game that's widely known for being dead sadly) is still active and doing fine just because you see people crowded in Agartha and the London marketplace. 

  4. Thank you for finally listening to our wishes by implementing the meters. Even though there are some complains here and there by the casuals on the forums, most of the serious players are actually grateful about this. You saved us the trouble of having to use third party dps calculators in dungeons that aren't entirely accurate.


    If you're here to qq, disagree, cry about elitism, or whatever, go aheah and let me feed off of your tears. 

  5. 21 hours ago, Nattia said:

    i'm going to do mechanics carefully even at the cost of my dps. any flamer will get a block.

    If you're not trash, you can dps while doing the mechanics correctly, especially when the mechanics in this game are jokes compared to others. Please go ahead and block me so I don't have to run into you in game

  6. Accessories aren't even that crucial to play. Nobody in NA looks at anything besides attack power and sometimes crit if they're not an idiot, but all in all you don't need that good of accessories to do all the end game dungeons. The fact that you're also complaining about them being expensive, when they're actually not compared to the weapon, is kind of sad

  7. I don't need anyone who has already made it clear that they are biased and will support the winning outfit no matter what to take me seriously. 


    You can say whatever you want to satisfy your wonderland fetishes and get the costume in the game, but this was already brought up before me by people on twitter. This is an even closer resemblance to the source material than the Jim dress from rage of bahamut. The stockings are the same, the hair and bows the same, and the silhouette and skirt are the same. You're basically telling people they can get away with imitating outfits as long as the pose and art style is different. 

  8. Tell me if I'm wrong about the source material, but someone posted this on Twitter earlier following th costume contest results and this photo from a 2010 gaming application looks awfully similar to the Lyn outfit. Even the hair is identical. 


    So far in the other thread, we identified the jin version's dress to have similar elements to the rage of bahamut dress, the Lyn mask to be identical to marth's mask from fire emblem, the gon pose to be 100% traced from the gon deva pose, the gon hair to be an exact trace of another anime character, and the gon dress to resemble that of another previous drawing. Now I found that the female Lyn dress looks almost identical to this one 







    Credit for this find goes to Shunj



  9. 11 minutes ago, Kurokazu said:

    THIS <333333
    I like this MUCH better than any of the runner ups. This is why the community should vote...
    I have a feeling I'm going to be flipping tables when I see the rest of the entries because I'm positive there will be many costumes that should've blown all the winners out of the water.

    Also it blows my mind that something as lackluster and simple as this made it to the runner ups (not to mention there's already a costume out there that's wayyy better than it with the same concept)

    Yeah that copied Native American costume had no place in the runner ups as well

  10. 8 hours ago, Pepperino said:

    Small minority yet there is still complaint. And once again as I said already, people will still complain about whatever outfit gets picked.

    I could care less which one wins because I have two options:

    1. Buy/Use it if I like it.

    2. Ignore it because I hate it.

    For some reason, you're still stuck on the notion that a small minority that disagrees with a majority should be considered more than the majority. You must be really lack confidence in your taste then, since it's clear you want the minority to be catered to more so than the majority 

  11. 10 minutes ago, Pepperino said:

    Yes because I'm like you and take screenshots of people complaining about costumes. Like I already said, shit happens even when you don't see it. These things happen in-game and I'm not going to bother wasting my time taking screenshots of why people hate a costume.

    You'd have to go out of your way to find screenshots of a small minority that don;t like the costume. Almost any time night luna or the design contest is brought up in general, there is always a mention of how the night luna was a blatant copy of the sao costume. Just because you like or dislike a costume, doesn't mean your opinion should be allowed to overwrite the majority.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Pepperino said:

    Player votes wouldn't do shit either. You'd still have people complaining about something on the winning outfit. Majority of the event outfits and stuff don't fit the game either yet they make them.

    Did you see anyone complain about regium corvus? No, because it looked good and wasn't a blatant ripoff of another costume. Night Luna, on the other hand, was highly unpopular because people pointed out that it was a ripoff of an outfit from sword art online. That wonderland outfit was 1. unorginal 2. similar too other wonerland themed costumes already existing in BnS 3. unattractive looking. 


    11 minutes ago, Teijin said:

    by supporting the duck outfit your part of the problem. just saying because running around with a giant rubber duck is appealing.

    And to whoever said my vote alone would be a problem just because I like something that they don't, you clearly don't understand what the purpose of voting is then. The winner is decided by the MOST number of votes. Whether something I like is going to be popular among the rest of the community or not isn't going to be determined by my ONE vote. It will be decided by everyone else's. Better luck next time