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  1. 3 hours ago, Shukran said:

    all these black knight are funny.

    i rolled  5 characters in total at level 46+ .

    excluding 1 character built in the outfit event rush, 3 character were raised alone. 


    so, story line, yellow arrow , is SOLO content.

    BLUE quests are EASY i clean alone with all characters.

    GREEN dungeons are SOLO content.

    OTHER dungeons have F8.


    if u plan to plauy this game ALONE, you are playing wrong game. because MOORPG genere.

    so i point at HUJIKAR which is the silliest of all whines on forum.


    said all that, considering you have NO real data except your biased arguments, these blabbling about merging, population dropping and stuff is silly, and childish. moreover it is even more funny that u stay on forum whining instead of playing.


    but my real qauestion is: where have u been stucked in game to whine 2477 about population? because my sin grew in 4 days right now is at last chapters of story with 350ish ap (VERY undergeared) and i find NO way to be stucked in game. 


    but the usuall whine is : cry without putting any effort in giving informations about personal opinions.


    EDIT: i leveled my sin last week. and i found players along my way. but u know what? i grouped them the time needed to complete a quest they are killing my mob , OR most of the times i changed channel to have all mobs for me. yeah we need to group up in low content.....

    This is the english forums pal, I think you;re looking for the EU or asian forums. What I got from that jibberish is that you think I'm whining about no people in open world because I can't solo? I don't even play alts, this doesn't affect me in any way whatsoever. I'm talking about the lack of community and open world pvp. Even the designated area for open world PvP is dead, which is utterly sad. There used to be a time when high level players would have wars in foshi pyres for hours long, and it was the most fun I've ever had in that game. Now it feels like this game is a ghost town. Even the hubs are a joke. 

  2. All these white knights are in denial. Even in these so called "hubs" in mushin, I see less people there than I see people in DCUO's hubs. And that's at peak hours. And everyone who has played dcuo knows that it is currently a dead game. Honestly, this game should be merging all the servers together at this point. Open world is so dead, it's not even funny. If you choose to use the "everyone is at endgame and only finds endgame worthwhile" argument, then you're basically admitting that this game is not getting any new player traffic and that there will be no replacement for those endgame players that eventually get bored of this game and quit. Another indicator of whether a game is doing well population wise is how much player accounts are selling for. Even premium 10 accounts with max geared toon's and rare costumes are worth nothing now, especially compared to how much they spent to get there. Why? Because the demand to play this game has down the gutter.

  3. 57 minutes ago, JatoJato said:

    Many ppl played fm since the game started yes - because "mage" is a very popoular class in a mmo - at least to my knowledge. Also for example the Blademaster would be normally the "easiest" class - but BnS is not that kind of game.

    Anyway and those ppl played which class before - surely not a range-class (in this case most likely sum). Also WL was not available on release.

    Also this was most likely before most of the HM-Skills were available to the masses.


    Besides - which things were easier besides Blackwyrm and SSP - i am rlly interested in this.


    3 out of 100 is ridicoulus. You can acknowledge that or not. Honestly i dont care - but stop talking nonsense about "domination" that most likely only exists in your imagination because of some hate you have against fms - and you can not even explain properly because you seem not interested in arguments or statistics but only arguing based on your personal feelings.

    It is by no means ridiculous at all. If you look at fm by class ranking and compare their top class rankings to other "top" pvp classes like destroyer, their ranking numbers are almost the same. One of the highest ranking bms regularly loses to fm in his streams. Just because your class happened to lose some serious pvpers that quit the game, doesn't mean you guys are at huge inequality and disadvantage in PvP. You still have no answer to the domination in PvP. You guys are in the top tier dps classes for PvP, you have dungeon utility with the group iframe and shielding, and you were originally the undisputed top dpsers in dungeons. Just because bms and sins can compete with you now, does not mean you guys have it so terrible. And tell me, what else is there in open world besides ssp and world bosses like blackwyrm? You;re basically asking "what other things are fm op in besides the only things that are worth farming?"

  4. 5 hours ago, JatoJato said:

    First -> noone spoke about "domination". Second - today everybody gets the chest - and while it was easy for fms other ranges had it easy too - especially with the wl-buff-bug. Stalling is an ability many classes can - only by them it is named spinning or stealth "One of the top" - tell me which class does not good dmg - i can only name 2 - Destro w/o his buff and KFM all others are very fine.

    And calling for some equality is not a bad thing - in deed i assume that is what BDs did so they got to play with the "dragontongue". Yeah sure, the reason why FM is not high in ladder is because it is boring and nobody plays it. Not because FMs lacks compared to other classes, was not buffed the last patches and would need some improvements... 

    Please, you're not calling for equality, you're calling for the game to perpetuate the dominance fms have had since the beginning of them game. I know people who abandoned their old class and re-rolled fm mains just so that they could have an easier and better time in the game. You don't see that with any other class except summoner because they are more flexible with high ping. Just because you guys are not the absolute best at everything now, doesn't mean you guys require an "equality" buff. There's other classes like warlock and soul fighter that get a fraction of the love that fm does. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, DeadlyCode said:

    Must be why we see 1 or 2 FMs on the pvp ladders or 3 out of 500 people on the total ranks of ToI, because FMs are so disgustingly good at pvp, yep.

    Do you realize how petty you're sounding now? Fms literally have it good in everything. They're still one of the top dps in dungeons, and they were originally the only class that could drop the brilliant Blackwyrm chest, they are annoying ass stallers and lowers in PvP, especially in 3v3 and whirlwind. Just because you guys don't dominate in one category, doesn't mean you guys have it oh sooo bad. There's also only two pro fms that seriously play 1v1 now. Don't blame you guys, since it's such a boring class to play 

  6. 1 hour ago, Susumimi said:

    They release shitty costumes to make the KR/TW/CN versions look better. Pretty obvious, as nearly every single Asian MMO does this. They release a dumbed-down western port of the game with broken translations, 1/10th the manpower, shitty servers, shitty events, and of course way shittier costumes. Why? Because western audience is easy to please. It takes at most half the effort to please western audience than it is to please Asian audience because there's simply way more quality MMO's in Asia than in the west. I'm Asian myself but living in NA, so I know. The exact same thing happened with Tera so I'm not at all surprised. Original KR/CN versions get super cool events and cultural costumes, what do we get? Stupid hand-me-down second hand crap that have already been obsolete in the KR/CN versions.

    Really, because 99% of the people I've talked to in NA are not satisfied with the game

  7. 11 hours ago, ChocolateGod said:

    you think that cuz your level 48 and a scrub sitting in hogshed hamlet or w/e in moonwater plains, get tf to zaiwei or jadestone village where people actually go and afk or conversate/do dungeons

    lol with that argument, you're basically claiming that games like The Secret World and DCUO are still active


    14 hours ago, Tsuchiryu said:

    Nope, my standards are well within accordance of what game has offered us up to this point. So nope, it's just you having low standards for rewards.

    Because RNG is a thing. Don't let your luck diminish other people's rights to be legitimately salty.

    You can pretend to be something you're not (in this case correct), but if you were to put your opinion up against the majority of the active player base, you would be disappointed 

  9. 6 hours ago, Tsuchiryu said:

    That's having low standards in your case and nobody cares for that.


    Rewards do seem to be pretty lousy for the dungeon's supposed difficulty if the reports and screenshots are anything to go by. It's so counterproductive to even try to overcomplicate and argue otherwise, frankly.


    A few Moonstones in there would go a long way in making this dungeon more rewarding. Not being limited to SSP, WWV or Naksun (and I only do the latter... sometimes) to get them would be swell.

    If anything, you have low standards for dungeon difficulty

  10. 2 hours ago, Emma Frost said:

    I can tell you don't play mmos much if you think desolate is "too difficult" for its good rewards. A dungeon that can be beaten on the first day of release is not that difficult. There are dungeons/raids in other mmos that take over a month for the first group to beat it 

    Like I said before, I find the rewards suitable for the not so hard difficulty level of this dungeon. Dodging arguments doesn't make your case look good

  11. 13 hours ago, WLraik said:

    I love this fight at the last boss, there's zero room for error and you can't carry anyone. This really makes players work and understand EVERY single mechanic.


    But the problem is... Putting this effort to get 6 stingers at the end. Not fair, not in this case.


    How about you put a Desolate Tomb FRAGMENT on 4 man from the dynamic quest after killing the last boss? With 100 fragments you make the legendary necklace. How about that?

    Players will have to work A LOT, because 100 runs of this dungeon takes time and you can't braindead it like all the other 4m dungeons.


    We don't mind the work if we get rewarded after all.

    I can tell you don't play mmos much if you think desolate is "too difficult" for its good rewards. A dungeon that can be beaten on the first day of release is not that difficult. There are dungeons/raids in other mmos that take over a month for the first group to beat it 

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