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  1. A new low from NCSoft [ Thank you package ]

    yeah 7 days premium is nothing. Can't spare pocket change for membership?
  2. A new low from NCSoft [ Thank you package ]

    After the thank you packages were distributed, I came on the game to find everyone in faction chat complaining about how worthless the gift was. I don't think you;re missing out on much.
  3. Opening Hot Summer Boxes

    Ignore all the moaning bitches here. Thanks for the video, it helped me get a good idea of what the RNG is like for the boxes
  4. I almost cried when I didn't get it during the RNG boxes event. Even if it's not your favorite oufit, doesn't it make sense to make the previously rng costumes available to everyone this time?
  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Vote Best Friend back. I was robbed during the RNG boxes event :( I will buy one for each of my toons if they put it back
  6. That is the Cinderlands Baotite axe, a surprisingly cheap but beautiful weapon skin. This is my yun. I put ten times more work into trying to make her look proportional and normal but she still comes off as too sickly looking. (I made the legs long on purpose because the clothing styles in BnS tend to sit lower on the waist, thus shortening the legs)
  7. Saw the advertisement about receiving a gift one the 22nd if you were subscribed to the newsletter, but when I clicked the image for the link it just brought me to the latest news page. Does anyone have a direct link to the newsletter subscription page or know how to find the subscribe button?
  8. Most populated server for now?

    Will always be Mushin. Join cerulean, has more people to communicate with in faction chat. Red faction is just 99% salt
  9. That's because yun is the most aesthetically popular race in Blade and Soul. Why you ask? Because the majoirty of BnS's player base is a bunch of horny asian men or wannabe weebos, and anyone in who has lived in eastern Asia knows that skinny, sickly looking aliens are the standard of beauty over there. I like thin women myself, but the yuns have no muscle definition whatsoever, thus making them look alien-like. Because yun is the most popular race because of its appearance, BnS has to encourage players to play other races by giving them race-locked classes. Anyways, there already are scythes in game.
  10. Who are your favorite characters in B&S?

    so you're one of Those people