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  1. Those reskins hardly ever sell. Neither will the winning design compared to some of the others
  2. It was a cute rendition of the ducky floatie that was originally an outfit for the familiar. I thought it was very cute, charming, and funny at the same time. It's honestly the one I'd be more likely to drop cash on. Granted, some of the other runner ups looked good and were much more deserving of winning overall than the one that actually got picked.
  3. Speak for yourself. That outfit is hideous and unoriginal in terms of what's already in the game. If I could have voted, I would have chosen the ducky
  4. He is either a troll or affiliated with the winner. If you look at the past 9 pages, he repeats and rephrases the same lazy arguments after being presented with numerous accounts of valid evidence and arguments. Just ignore him. As long OP pastes all the evidence into his first post, anyone with common sense will recognize the blatant copies Everyone just ignore him and focus on posting any more evidence you find of the contestants ripping off designs
  5. Please also have the team consider implementing a voting system into the next contest.
  6. Can the booty slider NOT be a belly slider plz

    The waist slider is perfectly fine if you are not a yun, they just look like aliens. I get what op is saying, the butt thickness slider also increases the size of your uterus for some reason and gives you an unattractive bulge. That's now how the female anatomy works in real life
  7. Guys don't even bother arguing with rainbow kitten. He's been repeating the same complaints over and over for the past 7 pages, no matter how valid arguments you present against him. It's obvious that he's either somehow affiliated with the winner (or maybe is the winner) or wants this costume really badly in game. It's most likely the former. OP needs to edit his/her first post to include the photo and gif evidence provided by the users in this thread. Once any level-headed person sees this, they'll know the costume was a blatant copy
  8. Another whale leaving

    An orca whale is a type of dolphin lol
  9. Another whale leaving

    Uh he's not even close to being a whale. He's like a dolphin. Granted, 1k is a lot of money for a game, but it's already been 8 months. That's only like $125 a month. There's people that will drop $250 a month. In comparison to the biggest spenders in the game, he's not a whale. His points about the faults of the game are still valid though.
  10. Fastest attack speed class

    You pretty much just ignored my point about it being a braindead class. Yes, it's undisputed that fm has one of the best dps and can even beat an assassin in longer fights. But that doesn't make it a hard class to play. That's a class people play if they want higher rewards for half the effort. For instance, when I was leveling my assassin, I wasn't able to solo all the world bosses in the cinder lands. On my force master, soloing all of them was so fast and a joke. All you do is sit back and spam 3 buttons. Also, for the first few months of the game, the brilliant chest drop from Blackwyrm was only doable by the force master class or maybe an amazing, high geared summoner. That's obviously not because all force masters are better than everyone else, it's because force masters have to waste less time dancing around the boss like assassins or other melee classes, and they can just nuke from a distance. In short, it's easier to dps bossed with a fm.
  11. Fastest attack speed class

    Force master is easier and intended for lower skilled peopl, and assassin is harder but more fun
  12. As someone else earlier pointed out, there's already something similar to this design's theme in Korea. This design brings nothing new to the table, and to top it off, parts of it have been copied and pasted
  13. That's what I'm saying. This was my design. I honestly feel like this should have been considered more instead of some of the others that made the cut because it wasn't a cheap copy of the inspiration. Even the back of my dress is different from the inspiration picture. The back of the Dior runway dress is an overlapping drape. Mine is a deep cut bare back. I can't find the exact picture of the back of the black dress I used as inspiration because it was covered by a coat. But this was pretty much the same dress as the black one but in a different color. As you can see, the back of it is also completely different from the back of mine
  14. I get that this design's hand drawn artwork isn't even close to being on par with the winning contestants' digital art, and looking back on it, the dip shouldn't have been as low as past the bellybutton, but at least it was a fresh idea that isn't a blatant copy from its "inspiration." I was hoping ncsoft would consider putting a design similar to this in game if they saw this, but looks like they prefer cosplay outfits instead.
  15. Well that's just how cheesy the other entries were. These people are good at digital art, but I wish they had better design skills. I was really hoping ncsoft would consider putting a haute couture gown in if someone entered it in the contest.
  16. This contest was such a joke. If th pirate one also isn't a ripoff, it should have won
  17. Outfit contest and "players choice "

    The winning costume was awful. As if we need more anime loli fetish costumes. I would have loved to see a more refined western style-like gown win
  18. We need a Gon Antagonist

    Isn't mushin gon
  19. Outfit Obsidian Serpent drop rate

    I got obsidian serpent on my very first run ever, but it took me 80 essences to get the deva outfit. Luck of the draw I guess
  20. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    Found a low dpser right here
  21. Toxic Players!!

    Seems like you deserved it
  22. July 28 Live Stream Q&A

    It's about time they added the dps scoreboard. Thank you ncsoft for doing something useful
  23. the summer event

    Not quite, when I'm in open world I see tons of toons running around in their summer time swimsuit. My guild has over 80 members and most of them have gotten past stage 6.
  24. Racism

    I almost burst out laughing when I saw Obama in there. You seriously just quoted michelle Obama, the dimwit who can't even get school lunches right? Lmao, there's much more credible people to quote