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  1. Joke's on you, this isn't even my toon, i just knew it would trigger people like you
  2. I don't think anyone needs to do that in silver unless you're that bad
  3. Please don't put that cheap costume into the game
  4. Destroyers do need a buff. They're considered the ugly stepchild in dungeons
  5. With that kind of attitude, you're never going to get better in PvP. There is some truth to what the op said. Stop trying to use other people's gear to totally excuse your own shortcomings
  6. Actually, if you don't see people while leveling on the second most populated NA server, that is a pretty telling sign of the game not being that populated. If you're going to use the popular hubs argument, that's like saying the secret world (a game that's widely known for being dead sadly) is still active and doing fine just because you see people crowded in Agartha and the London marketplace.
  7. If that's the case, that's pretty disappointing
  8. Thank you for finally listening to our wishes by implementing the meters. Even though there are some complains here and there by the casuals on the forums, most of the serious players are actually grateful about this. You saved us the trouble of having to use third party dps calculators in dungeons that aren't entirely accurate. If you're here to qq, disagree, cry about elitism, or whatever, go aheah and let me feed off of your tears.
  9. If you're not trash, you can dps while doing the mechanics correctly, especially when the mechanics in this game are jokes compared to others. Please go ahead and block me so I don't have to run into you in game
  10. Ignore the whiners OP, most of these people are just upset because their dps falls low on the meter
  11. If bm is getting a pity buff for dps, they better make destroyer a viable tank class or even more people aren't going to want to run dungeons with us now that bm is going to be considered useful.
  12. Accessories aren't even that crucial to play. Nobody in NA looks at anything besides attack power and sometimes crit if they're not an idiot, but all in all you don't need that good of accessories to do all the end game dungeons. The fact that you're also complaining about them being expensive, when they're actually not compared to the weapon, is kind of sad
  13. I guess if your toon is already thin it doesn't make a difference. Mine looked exactly the same
  14. I never saw a problem in the first place. Looked the same to me
  15. I don't need anyone who has already made it clear that they are biased and will support the winning outfit no matter what to take me seriously. You can say whatever you want to satisfy your wonderland fetishes and get the costume in the game, but this was already brought up before me by people on twitter. This is an even closer resemblance to the source material than the Jim dress from rage of bahamut. The stockings are the same, the hair and bows the same, and the silhouette and skirt are the same. You're basically telling people they can get away with imitating outfits as long a
  16. Tell me if I'm wrong about the source material, but someone posted this on Twitter earlier following th costume contest results and this photo from a 2010 gaming application looks awfully similar to the Lyn outfit. Even the hair is identical. So far in the other thread, we identified the jin version's dress to have similar elements to the rage of bahamut dress, the Lyn mask to be identical to marth's mask from fire emblem, the gon pose to be 100% traced from the gon deva pose, the gon hair to be an exact trace of another anime character, and the gon dress to resemble that of anoth
  17. Funny how the silhouette and cut of the designs on the body are almost identical
  18. Yeah that copied Native American costume had no place in the runner ups as well
  19. For some reason, you're still stuck on the notion that a small minority that disagrees with a majority should be considered more than the majority. You must be really lack confidence in your taste then, since it's clear you want the minority to be catered to more so than the majority
  20. You'd have to go out of your way to find screenshots of a small minority that don;t like the costume. Almost any time night luna or the design contest is brought up in general, there is always a mention of how the night luna was a blatant copy of the sao costume. Just because you like or dislike a costume, doesn't mean your opinion should be allowed to overwrite the majority.
  21. pics or it didn't happen. I on the other hand, can pull up threads and screenshots of people disliking night luna and pointing out the blatant copying. The general reception towards Regium Corvus was great. For Night Luna, not so much
  22. Did you see anyone complain about regium corvus? No, because it looked good and wasn't a blatant ripoff of another costume. Night Luna, on the other hand, was highly unpopular because people pointed out that it was a ripoff of an outfit from sword art online. That wonderland outfit was 1. unorginal 2. similar too other wonerland themed costumes already existing in BnS 3. unattractive looking. And to whoever said my vote alone would be a problem just because I like something that they don't, you clearly don't understand what the purpose of voting is then. The winner is decided b
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