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  1. Your maintenance time sux

    This is getting ridiculous. I have job and i can play just few hours per week,i got 3 days free and 2 of them i cant play a game. This was last straw for me and i am canceling my premium (that i payed every month even if i play a little) Ty for ruining my "fun time"
  2. Prices are like that for a reason as they work with gold sellers and take % from that so they force casual players to buy gold becouse it is only way they can do upgrades...they even locked bunch of rewards from 6 man dungeons and put them in 4 man only so normal ppl cant even enter..i mean 1 soul shield for killing yeti?? wtf For those that will jump on me for what i say just look that guy that sended video of gold seller and reported him and same day he got his account banned..logic is inside job