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  1. Please fix summoners already!!

    They didnt remove it, it's still there. It has a CD of 30 seconds though.
  2. Legendary soulshield advice please

    To add to that bit: The element you use is important here too. If you use Earth, 8MSP --> 8BT. Do not mix. If you use Wind, you can do 5MSP/3BT before going to 8BT. The Doom n Bloom bonus is nice for Wind summoners.
  3. Maintenance times. For real now?

    Right, and over in some countries people are actually free this week. And the time actually does matter. Look, the point is for NA it is ALWAYS at a time where only long maintenances will impact people, even if they are free. Whereas EU is ALWAYS screwed. I didn't make this topic to complain about the day though (I mean, we were promised 2 years ago that it would be seperate, and it still hasn't happened, so one more topic won't change things). But I made it to complain about the time difference without any explanation.
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Look, I understand the exchange. The price is what's messed up. 10g for something that costs 15g in THEIR STORE on the day that they announced it. That makes everyone angry.
  5. Yes, this topic needs to be made every time this happens. 3 hour maintenance for US in the middle of the night. 8.5 hour maintenance for EU starting at 1PM for Western Europe. And another ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you to Euros and a day wasted on maintenance that US servers dont even get.
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    You need to watch better then. Because Radiant Energies were only 5g when this announce was first made and everyone just dumped them and it was 9g during trove. Energies were up to 18g before trove. Which has nothing to do with the point of my post before btw. Because that's market playing. I'm talking about stuff that NC actually has influence over.
  7. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    It's true they do not control market. But do you know what they DO control? F9 minimum rate and F10. They changed F9 minimum rate to 1:2 2 days ago. Yesterday, 12 hours before this announcement, they put Radiant Energies in F10 at a price of 30 NCoin. 30 NCoin at a 1:2 rate is 15 gold. Yet they reimburse only 10 gold. Everyone who bought energies from F10 was scammed by NCWest
  8. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    My favorite part of this scam is the fact that it's on F10 today. The currency exchange is on 1:2. Radiant Energy costs 30 Ncoins. This is 15 gold. So first they make everyone who wants to buy the Energies from F10 on the last day they are available, and then they pull this stunt and only give 10 gold, instead of the 15 gold everyone in F10 paid TODAY.
  9. mushin 13th fl ticket

    Daily Dash. F12 100% guaranteed F13 pretty high chance, but not guaranteed. F14 small chance F15 small chance
  10. Why people hate summoners.

    I'm confused. The only thing that 'can mark' the cat is Asura in Sogun's Lament afaik. And that's just a matter of pressing E on his shooting phase and wait with attacking until he brings down the swords.
  11. High ping after maintenance

    It's completely crappy. Today was my clan's BT raid and after every boss I get a spike of 500-2000 ms and end up getting DC'd. When I log in again, I can move around for approximately 1 minute and I get kicked out again with a DC error, therefor never able to complete boss 4, since I'm kicked out before I even get to that room. The party decided to continue without me and cleared the boss with 11, and then cut me from the rewards since it was just 79g. I've played the game since january 2016 and never had any issues. This all started since the past maintenance. There is some serious crap going on with the servers or the routing. If it was on my end, I could deal with it. But the entire time I was still connected on Discord and my clanmates heard me complain about it. So there was nothing wrong on my end connection-wise.
  12. High ping after maintenance

    Here too. Standard play with 150-180 ms ingame before this wednesday. Now I can start with that same. Can do my crafting and such, but as soon as I do an area change it skyrockets to at least 700 and is completely unplayable.

    So a week of unplayable raids, dungeons that take much longer (or are almost impossible because of rng evade cc) and not getting experience because the level difference is too high. This is a serious issue that should not take a week to fix. Then again, it might fix the login queues. Can imagine a bunch of people leaving because of yet another patch screwup that was blindly applied without checking if the order was the same...just like the gem mailing fee.
  14. They remove exp mobs?

    They scaled all enemies as if the lvl 55 patch is out, which it is not. As a result, we are all level 50 and the enemies are too high. After a certain level difference mobs do not give xp. In other words, the system is working, but the patch was applied wrong and now enemy levels are too high.
  15. So yea The 55thing needs to go

    This is what happens when patches get copy-pasted but put out of order. They literally just grabbed the KR patch and threw it in, with ignoring the fact that in KR the 55 patch came BEFORE 12m raid