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  1. Cold storage bug

    You mean the issue that you joined a party already in progress that already beat Winter Mane? And therefor the game things you did so too?   Yeah, that's your own fault since it tells you before you run in where a party is in the dungeon. Unfortunately, after all this time, people still recruit for Kaari Lord which leads to people getting screwed like this.
  2. Can't Get Past "The Way of the Summoner Part 1"

    It's one of the more annoying ones for sure.   The trick is to wait a tiny bit before pressing C. So V --> Hajoon falls --> C
  3. Hongmon Store : Today's Special impossible to buy.

    For several days it is Sold Out for me. It's not even halfway through the day and the Hongmoon Coin variant says that it is sold out (Group 3 EU)  
  4. Candycloud Park

    I'm really baffled how people die to these guys. I mean, you don't have to wait to use the Frost Sheath for the AoE. Its cooldown is so low. If boss throws cookies at you and you are close, get in Sheath, go out almost immediately, have 10 sec movement buff and dodge them all the time. Movement buff gone? Sheath -> release and dodge everything again. Rinse and repeat.   And in the final phase you just gotta stay your distance. Those cookies travel so slow that you can just casually walk and they will still miss. Unless you dance.
  5. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    For everyone in Europe with a 9-5 job we lost the entire day. Even the 'relatively early' side of Europe will have at the current ETA the server back at 10:30PM instead of 6:30PM But people with those jobs will likely get to sleep then.   But as others have said before, it's not as much the delay, as it is the way it is being communicated.
  6. compensation for EU players

    Wow. Nearly 4 PM. And maintenance started at what, 7AM?   For most of Europe maintenance started at 1PM and it is now almost 10PM. Everyone with a normal 9-5 job lost pretty much the entire day.
  7. Problems with the new weapon upgrade

    You're no longer supposed to salvage weapons.   After the latest upgrade, everyone with the old Hongmoon weapon (or upgraded version) got a prompt to salvage it to switch to the new setup. This is why you got your Golden Deva replacement when you salvaged that one. You won't get your upgrade-able weapon until act 4. Until then you'll have to do with drops.   So yeah, salavaging Deva was a mistake.
  8. Send me a PM here, or mail/whisper Evalyn Boder ingame.   ***SOLD***
  9. Server Freeze and DC

    Was gonna make a topic saying I keep getting an account authentication failure after I got from work just now, but I see it's just the usual crappy servers again. Guess I'll try again next time I have some free time next week.
  10. can not buy Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charm per day

    That's because there are more Hongmoon Pouches than you get tickets for. The idea behind the event is that you did not have to do everything every day, and still be able to get all the rewards. This event was the best for the more casual players, but the hardcore players will have more pouches than they have charms for. If you have done the dailies every day on 1 character, including today, you would have 5 pouches now you will not be able to open anymore. If you have done the dailies with more characters, you will obviously have even more pouches you can do nothing with anymore.    
  11. Worst time to Crash/DC? Share your stories!

    I've crashed in BSH during bidding for Dragoncall HM skill. Asura in the final 5% of the boss Big Bad Beetle Boss final 3%   A funny one happened Just now Did a clan run, Nexus. As final boss (2nd form) died, the one collecting our stuff got a crash to desktop. I said: "I guess I will collect the stuff". And when I pressed enter, I crashed to desktop too.  
  12. How are your factions holding out?

    Love SSP now -.- Crimson Gr 1 btw. Everyone, full Crimson channel:  "Let's go kill Konta" *kills Konta* Lower players (sub 600): "This goes too fast, I'm gonna check another channel" *15 high AP crimsons left in channel* *30+Cerus come in, kill drills in 3 minutes* *Higher people join the same channel those sub 600s went to, so they can try to do their dailies again* Everyone, full Crimson channel: "Let's go Kill Konta" Rinse and repeat. Yesterday there were 7 channels and this just happened in every channel, one after the other. It was terrible. I did laugh in the end when I was whispered late at night by some Crimson buddies that I was right in going all the way to finish the SSP dailies in the last minutes before maintenance. That person didn't manage to do them yet.
  13. Daily challenge event gems.

    God yes. I've farmed the Merchant for days and nights in hopes to get the gem from him. I finally get it and learn a few days later that everyone can now get that gem because of the new event. Meanwhile, that same new event brought 2 new gems that I still haven't seen once despite doing everything every day. I feel slightly screwed over with how the older gem is now free for everyone by just doing the dailies.
  14. Fairly simple problem, no idea what the solution is.   I've had my character in the Hermit outift as my profile for quite a while. Never had problems with it. However, ever since the Soul Fighter patch I've the issue that I cannot set NEW pictures into my profile as the profile picture.   All my pictures I made BEFORE the soul fighter patch I can set as profile picture, but any new pictures made AFTER the soul fighter patch give me an error 'file type not supported'. When I look into the image folder for BnS I find all the pictures just sitting there as normal and when I look at their descriptions, they're virtually identical. Only the size differs 1-2 kb because of the amount of color used. This goes for all my characters by the way. So my newest alt is now running around with a picture of my main character as his profile, instead of the headshot of him that I made after the patch -.-
  15. Hongmoon Trading Unsealing Charm (x10)