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  1. So I logged in after some time and noticed that my Collections gave me a popup of 12. Which was weird to me, since I always immediately activated them when I got it. However, now all the complete icons are blue again, yet when I click on them it says they are already completed before and give nothing. It also says I am 'clueless' since I have no completed collections active...despite having quite a few. Anyone knows what's up with this? https://imgur.com/a/AhsjhIi [b]Edit[/b] No idea what caused it, but relogging seems to have fixed it.
  2. So remember how you said before that things are tested in a "test" server? This was the BIGGEST thing in the patch. And you're saying NO-ONE took the 5 seconds to check if your "test server" had the proper upgrade costs compared to the google docs you gave us? The google docs people used to prepare? Clear out some of their Transformation Stones to get Premium ones? And then, when the patch hit, they had no use for their Premium stones AND had to spend more to get their original Transformation stones back because you increased crafting price? I mean, I'm literally expecting no
  3. You press F when he sucks you in. Then SS about half a second later to evade the big roomwide hit. And then stand still and block his spinning move towards you.
  4. Players didn't just ask for fishing. They asked for fishing as shown in KR. Selective listening is still bad.
  5. 3 years ago up until last week, literally every time we complained about patches: "We just do the same as korea" (remember the bugged mess that was the gunner patch or the level 55 bosses?) Today when we complain about patches "We do not do the same as korea" -.- I used to be part of the problem. I spent hundreds of dollars on premium and trove over the course of the years (haven't been here since beginning, but Poharan was still endgame content when I started). But this message. The lies, conceit and misdirections ever since the White Orb fiasco to this point have
  6. You're missing: "Wrong voice with wrong NPC." Remember when we had emergency maintenance to fix that? Surely THAT required immediate attention and couldn't be fixed on a regular maintenance.
  7. Not what I said. I said people that progress from VT to ET. VT-gear, earth is stronger. TT/ET gear, wind is stronger. So at some point during the transition you'd have to go from Dynasty badge to Aransu badge. Which was free. And not anymore after the patch. Especially nice if you made it awakened.
  8. It also removed some things players wanted. RIP casual players who like playing around with multiple specs and RIP summoners who progress from VT to ET and have to get both badges now instead of just swapping them.
  9. It's even better now because you also get rewards for 5 weeklies, which I'm also not getting because of this.
  10. 100 for each step then I'd assume. Considering it was too much for stage 3, 6 and 9. So people who immediately went to stage 10 would have paid 300 too much.
  11. Even with high ping there should be no way you'll never have a poison stack on the boss. Disable both other F skills (Doom n Bloom and Burr Toss). That way they both will never mess up the Flying Nettles and you can use it whenever it's available.
  12. The 1hour weapon is equivalent to GC 9 lol And that last part is exactly what I'm saying.
  13. This is actually incorrect. You get the 1 hour weapon by doing stage 3 turtle + the easy Mausoleum. That said, I am full VT and have never done TT yet. Do have 3 TT soulshields (thanks trove), but even with 1 hour weapon, full drink, food and charm buffs I cannot get to turtle. I can get up to 6%. You need TT accessories and/or more soulshields to get stage 4 turtle done. Let alone the hard Mausoleum. So yeah, this complete event is not doable by the vast majority. 1-3 and the easy Mausoleum are not too hard (even for alts). But the high rewards are locked behind TT
  14. Also, the event is partly based around Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage. How are we supposed to do those without the items? We get 1 shard a day and 3 for the weekly. What the actual cricket
  15. This is horrid for everyone who makes (and could still make) Sacred Oils. Seeing one of the harder resources in the game to make one of the highest wanted things of the game be reduced to 1 copper without any compensation is terrible. Even worse is that up until the moment that the patch hit, we were under the impression because of you guys that we would not lose our Oil-making items. This royally screwed everyone over with Demon Spirit Stones. Else we would've used them in the past week to at least make the Sacred Oils.
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