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  1. Did summoner got a DPS nerf again?

    For earth build they messed up the hongmoon skills for Sunflower. Sunflower now asks for Rumblebees volume 2. But VT-geared builds shouldn't see that much difference. I'm still doing roughly the same damage as before the patch.
  2. HM skill unlearned

    The hongmoon skills for earth summoner are busted indeed. Sunflower 1 now asks for Rumblebees volume 2 And Sunflower 2 now asks for Time Bomb Mastery https://imgur.com/a/Ri95xRo
  3. Taikhan's skin/flower of lament exchange bugged?

    This indeed. My Flower of Laments just disappeared completely from my vault and the Taikhans skin only gave me copper.
  4. Servers still down?

    It's because the login servers are in the US, so you can log in. But after that you get on the EU server to play and stuff and that is still down. Hence this result.
  5. Server crash / Mass DC again

    At least Korea has stable servers.
  6. Server crash / Mass DC again

    This mass dc always start with (movement) glitches before you get kicked out. But you can still chat. So I assume people were freaking out about those.
  7. Compensation for broken EU servers

    Yes. The past 4 days around this time Jinsoyun just shuts down.
  8. Compensation for broken EU servers

    Jinsoyun still down yeah
  9. Server crash / Mass DC again

    And look, it's happening again 24 hours later. This is the 4th day in a row where Jinsoyun gets mass DC'd at prime time. This is getting insanely ridiculous.
  10. [Q] Soul Shields for earth Summoner.

    For earth you really only want full sets. The 8-set bonus from MSP and BT differ greatly and are both great. So 8MSP -> 8BT -> 8VT (If you have mystic badge 3BT/5VT is doable too, but imo if you are at that point you might as well buy the remaining soulshields with wings)
  11. Right click inbox unavailable?

    You should not hold shift. It's the thing that is messing people up. Just right-click the bottom-right item. A window will pop-up where it will ask how many things you need to withdraw.
  12. Class Balance changes in patch notes ???

    Looked at Jonathan's twitter. Apparently they will edit in the skill changes soon. O well, let's wait a bit longer then xD
  13. Class Balance changes in patch notes ???

    Came here to say this too. Especially since the dungeon part of this patch DID get applied. Why not the badge/skills as well. As Summoner I was stoked to hopefully get it easier when the stream mentioned the december KR skill patch.
  14. Why aren't Pet Packs Account Bound?

    Except that you can get Pet Packs as well....packs. So no way to transfer them then. We can transfer materials/Sacred Oil after the conversion from tradeable to non-tradeable. This should also be the case for the Pet Packs
  15. Arrow thingy....

    That thing is basically keeping you informed which buffs are active that boost your power. The first small one is your soul The second small one is your weapon The last one is your Bracelet proc. The total percentage is dependant on these 3 being active or not. So you get 300 on it when your soul, weapon and bracelet proc at the same time.