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  1. Changing Moonfall to 1 is great, because of Flying Nettles with Magnum Badge. I can't count the number of times I was sitting on 2 stacks of Magnum, or just getting the 3rd, and the boss would be grabbed. Then Moonfall would override Flying Nettles, so I would miss quite a bit of dps. Now that Moonfall is on 1, I won't have to worry about that anymore and I can do both. And it took me literally 2 tries to not move my finger from the 4 button to stealth party. It's really not hard. And Pondo...it's 4 4. Not F F.
  2. Reading comprehension much? 17 hours of 36 hours was the post you replied to. 4-5 yesterday + 12 now = 17 hours of the 36
  3. Servers were down yesterday for 4-5 hours in prime time EU too
  4. So we lost this afternoon because of who knows what reason (anyone following GW2, who was affected by the same problem, but BNS staff can't be bothered to share the same info). And tomorrow we'll lose the entire afternoon and evening, with servers returning at midnight. So once again. Thanks a lot.
  5. Currency exchange has been down because of the upcoming server merge. They said that would happen.
  6. Going 5/3 was a mistake. As earth summoner you want the 8-piece bonus from the MSP soulshield. Also, what are your badges? If you can get it, Magnum is pretty good now and will be even better with the upcoming Mystic Badge from VT. Alluvion is slightly better at the moment (and easier to use), but is in the current ToI season, so you'll need to grind ToI for that. So if you have money to use, I'd go for Magnum. It's a good choice now and will be better after VT.
  7. Follow the story, it will give you every weapon you need. You do not have to bother with blue quests. When you reach act 4 you will be given the weapon that you can upgrade over time. Keep following the story and it will also give you all the materials you need to upgrade it over time, with the exception of a few transformation stones at the end (that you can buy from the market with the story gold anyway).
  8. Yeah....repair tools actually take more depending on how high your weapon is. Up to 5. So buying 10 kits means 2 repairs for most post-story weapons and maybe even before that.
  9. It's because of the trigger from the Baleful weapon.
  10. You mean the issue that you joined a party already in progress that already beat Winter Mane? And therefor the game things you did so too? Yeah, that's your own fault since it tells you before you run in where a party is in the dungeon. Unfortunately, after all this time, people still recruit for Kaari Lord which leads to people getting screwed like this.
  11. It's one of the more annoying ones for sure. The trick is to wait a tiny bit before pressing C. So V --> Hajoon falls --> C
  12. For several days it is Sold Out for me. It's not even halfway through the day and the Hongmoon Coin variant says that it is sold out (Group 3 EU)
  13. I'm really baffled how people die to these guys. I mean, you don't have to wait to use the Frost Sheath for the AoE. Its cooldown is so low. If boss throws cookies at you and you are close, get in Sheath, go out almost immediately, have 10 sec movement buff and dodge them all the time. Movement buff gone? Sheath -> release and dodge everything again. Rinse and repeat. And in the final phase you just gotta stay your distance. Those cookies travel so slow that you can just casually walk and they will still miss. Unless you dance.
  14. For everyone in Europe with a 9-5 job we lost the entire day. Even the 'relatively early' side of Europe will have at the current ETA the server back at 10:30PM instead of 6:30PM But people with those jobs will likely get to sleep then. But as others have said before, it's not as much the delay, as it is the way it is being communicated.
  15. Wow. Nearly 4 PM. And maintenance started at what, 7AM? For most of Europe maintenance started at 1PM and it is now almost 10PM. Everyone with a normal 9-5 job lost pretty much the entire day.