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  1. I'm all for calling out NCSoft for the mistakes they make but did you open the sheet they provided? The overall cost of upgrading the existing talisman tiers went down by a lot. The only reason they're not calling it a reduction is because the replaced pet packs with transformation stones, one for one in many cases so still a lot cheaper.
  2. A Quick Update From Nico

    I would rather have that too but I've played this game long enough to know that they're going to release this in Korea, then have the players beta test it in production there, after which they'll patch the bugs people find to some degree. And then, months later, we get the same bug-ridden first release that KR got. They've done this before on multiple occasions.
  3. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    It's not even just F2P players. I have paid for premium every month since I started playing when the game first came out in the West. It's ridiculous that even after paying the same amount of money I used to pay for World of Warcraft back in the day I still don't get a decent experience and I'm still expected (!!) to pay more to keep up with the ridiculous grind in this game. And instead of that getting better they make it worse by nerfing gold rewards (because "easy mode is easier, hur-dur") and adding more ridiculous gold sinks to the game that I increasingly can't afford even when going completely ham on events. I did the previous event on 11 different characters every single day and it just didn't feel rewarding at all, which is only made worse by this joke of a patch... The difficulty is not even the problem, man. It's the fact that they said the gold rewards were getting nerfed because of the lower difficulty. Now we get less gold for harder content that takes just as long or longer. It's ridiculous.
  4. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Are you actually kidding here? You cut the gold rewards in half specifically BECAUSE the dungeons now got easier as stated in your very own patch notes! Never mind that they didn't get easier, never mind that easier dungeons take just as much time and effort, never mind that there are now more gold sinks than ever before with less ways of earning gold. Just buy gold, am I right? You know what, @Cyan? Never mind. You can keep your game as messed up as this. I'm done even bothering to complain anymore because you and your colleagues are either clueless or out of touch, or both. Consider my premium cancelled, you won't see any of my money anymore for this continued disaster of a game. I've been paying and playing without interruption since the game was out in the West but you've finally driven me to the point where I can't justify spending time and money on your greedy company and terribly optimized game anymore.
  5. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    That's something NCSoft as a company can definitely fix. But they don't want to because that would require effort and commitment. Also, even if they can't fix issues instantly they can at least detect things like these before going live with the patch. There were changes to how weekly rewards are handed out now that it's split into 3 and 5 weeklies giving separate boxes. But apparently no one even thought it was worth testing if that new system works because if they had they would have noticed it's impossible to finish a weekly challenge.
  6. So they didn't even fix the previous issue with weeklies yet and introduce a new one already? Can we all just take a moment here to appreciate the incompetence of adding a new feature (extra rewards for 3/5 weekly quests) yet not taking the time to actually test if that feature is working? Because if they had tested that feature they would have noticed that it's impossible to actually receive rewards.
  7. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that his company made a mistake and that his company needs to make it right. It doesn't matter who in the company made the mistake. It also doesn't matter who fixes it. What matters is that mistakes were made and that they need to be made right. What you're saying is pointless too. Why would a Korean developer be watching an American stream just to make sure that they aren't saying something stupid? And why is it suddenly those developers' fault if a community manager says something that isn't correct? The fault lies with internal communication within NCSoft and particularly between NCSoft and NCWest. Yet, again, that doesn't change the fact that the company needs to fix the mistake they made, regardless of why it happened and who did it.
  8. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    This doesn't matter one bit. Whether it's Cyan personally who screwed up or the devs or maybe some random bum who happened to walk into their building and made a statement, end result is that the players were lied to and screwed out of items and gold and now don't have a way to make full use of the event. That's pretty terrible and should be fixed one way or another. The fact that you can only do either CS or Mandate on any given day even if you have a static group of six people worsens matters considerably.
  9. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    How is that different from now? Now people just get the stage 6 soul on each separate character they want to do the dailies on and then buy a sacred vial, then send it on to their main character. Making these tokens account bound only makes a difference near the end of the event where someone is short a few tokens on one character and has some to spare on another. I'd argue that it's actually pretty fair to be able to use the items you spent a lot of time getting regardless of the character you do it on as long as the item you can get from it is account bound too.
  10. Are you people for real? This is no reason to shut down servers during EU prime time. None of this actually broke users' experiences. None of this could not have waited until next scheduled maintenance. Let's address the elephant in the room here. Maintenance is already a joke considering your inability to schedule it outside of popular gaming hours in Europe, but announcing a 2-hour maintenance 30 minutes ahead of time during prime time is ridiculous. I can now not do my daily challenge and will be missing out on quite a few event tokens because you people think a female character having a male voice is game-breaking.
  11. Upgrade Square Obsidians

    No one who can actually run the new dungeon probably even really needs hexa, except maybe for eventually going octa. I don't see a reason why they couldn't make an adequately priced way to upgrade square to penta. IF is old content by now.
  12. Emergency maintenance for...THIS?

    UTC is - sort of - an EU timezone. EU servers are down too.
  13. Suggestion: Introduce a way to farm gems.

    You can already farm gems. Just farm other stuff, sell it for gold. Then use the gold to buy gem powder, then turn that gem powder into gems on the dragon express.
  14. I'm fine with dungeons that are hard. But hard dungeons have no business with an event like this. Events are supposed to be lighthearted fun. Right now it's just frustrating because this was advertised as a way to get your obsidians but by far most people I've talked to don't even want to bother doing this. A run takes well over 20-30 minutes if it goes decently well and it takes even longer if you wipe. And you can forget about it all if someone leaves the party at Poharan because it's not going well, because randoms coming in will take 5 minutes and they'll usually be no help at all. There is no fun in this event unless you're in a clan that is used to raiding together. One mistake and you're hitting the enrage. That's not fun, that's frustrating.
  15. Gotta love how the entire forum is flooded with comments on how bad this event dungeon is and no acknowledgement whatsoever from NCSoft.
  16. This event is bad

    There is a lot wrong with this dungeon, but this is not it. A level 50 character can do this just fine, all stats are normalized and most of your gear (like your soul or the Raven weapon AP bonus) won't work. My level 55 FM with 1150+ AP will do just as well as a random FM that just finished reaching level 50.
  17. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    They put a bundle in F10 instead that doesn't require you to be online for 3 hours. It actually works better because instead of 24 separate charms to take out of your box, now it's 1x20 and 1x4 charms. If only they'd have been smart enough to do that for the actual rewards instead of just for this temporary workaround....
  18. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    That won't do you any good, you'll stay at the same AP and HP regardless.
  19. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    I'm fine with a dungeon being difficult but this is just ridiculous. We had a perfect party setup (soulburn, blue buff, reset, FM for veil/ice and a summoner for healing) with 6 people who all had experience with the level 45 dungeon and we still wiped over and over again. We get a third of the amount of health we used to have, everything hits just as hard and the Poharan fight is just unforgiving. Sure, we could probably have done it if we had stayed at it longer but as it is none of this effort is worth it. I just wasted an hour of my life on something that was supposed to be fun. It being in F8 is just an insult, there is no way anyone could do this in a random group. I will be skipping this event.
  20. Achievements

    Character bound achievements make a game that is already very alt-unfriendly even more punishing for alts. Not only do you have to save up and spend tons of ingame money and items on a horrible weapon and accessories progression system, but even when you do you still have to spend time gathering pointless achievements in order to use stuff like the battleground vendor or the achievement vendor. For instance: my alt has all the daily book pages he needs to get the first hongmoon book skill, but since she doesn't have 1450 achievement points yet, I can't buy it regardless... Forget the fact that my main character has almost twice the required amount of points. Either achievements should not lock away ingame content, or they should be account bound. Right now they're just annoying for people who want to try a different class or who want to switch mains.
  21. Midnight Skypetal Plains

    Beta phase? It's been out for years in other regions. This game is horribly optimized. Get more than a full party of players together and you can watch even the most powerful of present-day PCs crawl to a grinding halt. It was bad enough in the open-world 24-mans but it's even worse in MSP since that actually has mechanics. Even after turning all other players off with control + F you still need to tweak your settings to not die on every boss AoE.
  22. You're not doing it right if you take more than a few minutes to spawn the boss... Have one group stay in one spot for the thrasher, have 3 people from each of the other groups go to a mushroom and have 3 people hovering around the other potential spawn points for mushrooms. Don't kill the red and yellow mobs if a thrasher is up as killing the thrasher means the mobs will all get killed when it dies. We farmed MSP yesterday, after the first stage 6 kill we managed to get two more stage 6 kills and another 5 stages after that in within the next 2½ hours, at which point half of the raid disconnected. That's about 9 minutes per stage including the trash leading up to it. You just need some routine. :) That's still an opinion, not a fact. Granted, I share your opinion. The raid is pretty boring. Not only is it designed around doing it daily, clearing all six stages means you're doing the same thing six times in a row. Yes, it will get progressively difficult but our clan already had enough routine last night to pretty much do our last few runs on autopilot.
  23. Zen Beans...

    Why would you want to "punish noobs?" Just because they're new at PvP you want to discourage them from doing it altogether? Even though it is required for your Hongmoon Pellet, which people need for PvE even if they hate PvP? This is a stupid change and it shows once again that NCSoft doesn't care about its players. If I don't like PvP I shouldn't be forced to do it just to be competitive in PvE...
  24. How do you even get started doing MSP?

    Stages 5 and 6 have tight enrages timers. If your raid doesn't have a certain amount of DPS, you're not going to be able to do it. Stages 1-4 are pretty easy, and stages 1-3 don't even really have any special tactics. You should be able to find (or start) groups who want to farm stages 1-4 repeatedly with your gear level.
  25. Reviving this thread because Beluga Lagoon actually made your question more relevant. You can get Bravery from duels, tag matches and another battleground now, so it makes little sense to me to lock it behind a 100 win achievement for WWV. If anything, an achievement for 20 wins in each type of content that rewards Bravery (or 100 wins in any of these) would make more sense.