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  1. I agree about farming yourself. But still low. Those who say are high and lets even say you can get 2 a day. Current end game requires about a 100 tablets maybe? Oh and after you get all the end game gear, the next gear update requires 110 tablets. That's why I'm not happy D:
  2. For a blue item, it's one of the rarer drops, I'd be lucky to get 1 or 2 tablets every day. Sealed Naryu tablet currently 60 gold each and less than 15 sellers. I've got a SEALED tablet maybe 5 times in 3 months lol. Makes zero sense. Honorary ornament is another story. Low drop rate, very high cost for upgrading soul. 11 gold each in market.
  3. Is it a drop from 6 man / 24 man bloodshade? Can I skip the siren belt / bracelet and go get it from bloodshade pirate? I checked the merchant that trades it for 20 emblems but is it just for breakthrough or are they upgradeable?
  4. Yeah, so a transmute option would be best. There are hepta gems, why not the lesser hexa AP gems :S
  5. I would like another Trove event or a costly transmute option for the lesser AP Gems from the past Trove event. With that said, the ridiculously expensive Gems on transmute right now can't even be made for players that don't have 3x AP gems of that type. It's unfair for many players that missed or didn't get the gems from the Trove. Include the trove gems in transmute as well so we can start progressing towards the higher hepta gems. Also no motive for hardcore players to create a 2nd char when there is no trove gems. And for blackwyrm, by the time
  6. Day 8, 210 cold runs. 120 mandate runs. No AP Peridot gem. Life is sad. You guys can say bad rng, but 330 combined runs not including necro / sundered is very bad rng considered the cost of resets used. No wonder the staff are all on vacation from all the money they get lol. Server is being moderated by one hamster!
  7. Day 7 180+ Cold runs, 100+ mandate runs, No gem. Noticed today a lot of people's gears are not showing. And seriously noticed merchant just doesn't spawn. Maybe 1 in 10? Got a few people saying the same thing. 1. Coincidence? 2. NcSoft nerfed merchant yet again. Good job on milking, I'll give you that.
  8. I guess it's just super rare. Combined, I ran over 300 dungeons with merchants that can spawn. I have every outfit / 10 stinger / 100 soulstone / mysterious stones etc. Just no gem. But why do people keep getting it after 3-5 runs, every time I ask a person who has it. -__-;; Let me guess, they lowered overall rng of the char that spends A LOT of money on Ncoins. Smart, I'll give you that. xD And reason why I say this is because I know a few names that have run a lot and spent a lot on resets. They still on the same boat as me. Everyone else gett
  9. Seems like everytime I hit boss first, no merchant or bad stuff. I host room, always bad, lower merchant spawn rate. I am just very unlucky. I'm getting a feeling chars have good or bad rng when created lol.
  10. Does joining low AP rooms give a better chance at gems? No luck with higher AP.
  11. Day 6, No gem. Need to increase the rate. I've been multi reset running cold and mandate. now 160+ cold, 80+ mandate. This is equal to a casual player doing these over the course of 4-5 months every day. \
  12. I think most people with AP gem got it on their first day. After it was patched, I think they either removed the gem completely or lowered it to 1/1000 chance. Over 150+ cold, 70+ mandate, 15~ necro, 25+ nexus, NO GEM. This is exactly like trove with buying keys except this makes you grind so much and buy tons of resets. Still unfair that NCSoft has failed to adjust the drop rate correctly at launch and so many people got the Gem in their first few runs. I missed it the opportunity. Zero reports of a Gem after 55 mb patch by my fully active 80 member clan. I
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