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  1. Friend List Empty

    Just for additional context after a considerably long back and forth through a support ticket until someone went and just asked the devs about it (I can only assume) - January 24, 2019 15:18 Hi ---------- We have made several follow-ups about this issue. As per our QA team, after checking it out with our devs, they only received "there's still no update", and the issue is still open on our devs' list of issues to be addressed. If there would be any update about this issue, it will be communicated with the players accordingly via our forums:
  2. Friend List Empty

    Yup far more than a year.....and honestly they really have no priority in trying to fix this. That wasn't said based on any dislike or bias either - as I could very well show my support logs in which this was said. Compared to anything else they may be doing on the game this is seemingly a non-issue. =/
  3. Can't see Friends in F4

    Hello, my friends list is currently still blank.....0/0 I do also want to mention that for me this has lasted roughly over 8months (of course others sadly are pushing over a year). I think that after 8months maybe an official response to this would be good since it isn't simply 'oh no, can't see anything in F4' - but it ends up breaking just about everything that's tied to in game. After spending money yearly playing this and then to be told: "we're aware of the issue - but, we can't say when if ever it will become a priority to address" - it just kinda pisses me off =/ If this problem still after over a year of "being aware/working on it" - why not just let me and all others affected by this just have their characters transferred over to a fresh account. You know _something_ to remedy the problem people don't seem to be getting any actual help with? Please?
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    ....I'm still holding onto all my items. Not like this is going to really matter to me as awhole since I still can't manage to get my friends list fixed after almost 9months of asking. So I've already been more or less done with the game only checking in to see if its been magically fixed. And maybe cashing out all the items for real value. Game just sucks when you're lacking the friend list since its also connected to other games systems which are also now broken. Fun game for a time.....
  5. So is there maybe any update about this yet? I know it's only been a short 4-5months (for myself....7-12 for some others) but even with such a small window of time this has been known is there maybe anything like an actual fix in the works? Maybe even some actual acknowledgement in an official capacity? I can see how this is maybe asking too much so I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll only have to wait 2 years for this to be all cleared up. Honestly, I can't wait for that 2021 bugfix/update.....I'm excited. Right now the future is looking real bright.....
  6. Spirit Veil

    There is three things that you should realize going in or at least once you started looking to farm the veil. The same that applies to tomb of exiles when farming the spider fang.... You're dealing with the initial rng - which of the 3 spawns you'll get, so 1/3 chance you actually get a priest. Then you have the next layer of rng - putting aside the drop rate is insanely low, you're still needing to kill him and then you have a chance its there. and 8hours of farming is close to saying you've not even started yet. Not to say you couldn't get it off your first kill, that's entirely possible. Those who get lucky and beat the odds with minimal time farming are in the single digits. Like exiles, there's multiple factors that all need to line up in order to actually get the drop. Putting it all together there's a huge time sink involved with the entire process.....awesome if you manage to get it in a short time but, it's not something you should really be expecting.
  7. I felt somewhat obligated to include this excerpt from the bug report guidelines. I decided to do some of the work and just start compiling all those forum posts regarding the issue. This should have a few benefits; you can see a nice concise post relating to a specific game issue (a Bug). This may also be a way to benefit those who may end, or ended up running into this problem/issue. On one hand those who already have had it happen to them they may finally get the help and solution to the problem they've had....for a few weeks? months? years? The benefit to those who recently run into this issue is knowing that with the number of people who have made posts and brought attention to it anytime it may have popped up.........well the benefit would be realizing you're not getting any help. No support, no fix, nothing. You wouldn't want to be holding on to hope for as long as some people have. Anyways, the obvious goal here is to get this resolved. I did a just a loose search for others who posted about the issue with their Friends List [F4] just showing up with 0/0.......This is not a new problem that JUST cropped up and needs the time to investigate the possible cause(s) and potential fixes. There is also a very easy way to show that this isn't anything new......because people have been posting about it for over a year. I'm purposely going out of my way to throw all of this up here, throwing out a bunch of links to all the previous posts on this issue from people trying to get some kind of help or support. ....I bet you're wondering how their story ended. It's not a Disney movie so think about the stampede scene in the Lion King, that's the end of the movie. .......can you really not do a single thing about this?
  8. Friendlist

    Exactly. With this issue still ongoing I honestly stopped playing for nearly a month now. Jumping on now and again to see if - Hey! something was fixed. - But again it wasn't and I just d/c'd yet again. It may not come across as something that could have a major impact on the game and those who play it but, after it initially happened and somewhere around 690 people who populated my list were just gone - the game as a whole became increasingly empty. I'm sure not many people can keep track of every single one of those names (first listed as their account followed by each and every character they have - somewhat unrealistic). So now, I can't even see or check who may or may not be logged in, the social aspect of being able to talk with the many people I did both directly and within faction chat. You're unable to get even the tiniest of clue with your minimap - thinking all friends/guild etc. will show up and I'd be able to see where they are.....Nah, none of that either. This thing just creates an ever growing lack of interest in even wanting to play the game. Until what use to be logging in daily becomes every few days then a week, 2 weeks......then you don't even bother to log in anymore (you know to see if things were fixed). All of which seems fairly appropriate, If the developer, quality assurance team, community managers and of course the producer for Blade and Soul (NCWest / NCSoft) doesn't wanna bother with such an issue - eh screw it then, why even bother myself?
  9. Friendlist

    Seriously this needs to get some attention. Since this happened on my account I started going back looking through anything I could possibly find as a solution and as we're just about to push into 2019, this issue has been brought up, acknowledged, brought up some more, ignored and it continues to the present day.....and this was going back to early 2017. How is that in any way acceptable? I like any one else have submitted a ticket and just like everyone else I get the same copy and paste reply along the lines of 'we are aware of the issue..' etc. etc. - so submitting a ticket serves absolutely no purpose in the slightest as you're given not even a hint you will actually be receiving help only a response to indicate 'yeah we know...anything else I can help you with?' - and then your tickets closed. Just because I also found some irony in all this I felt like throwing this in: - QA Lead Dates Employed Oct 2013 – Jan 2015 Employment Duration 1 yr 4 mos Location Aliso Viejo, CA > Quality Assurance Lead for MMORPG Aion in North America > Create and maintain testing processes and resources. > Manage testing team to efficiently and effectively catalog and eradicate bugs through each release milestone. > Collaborate with Production, Development, Customer Support, Community, GSU, Operations, etc. to provide the best possible user experience for our players - The listed experience of the current blade and soul producer for ncsoft (NA/west) seriously....two years. Give us _something_
  10. completely unfair

    Let me apologize ahead of time since it may not come off as such a 'nice' response: All these post as just whining bs. - Not fair cause I already completed the story quest so its not as easy for me as any new players leveling. "Easy" is what I always see when these topics come up.....everyone wants things easier or just given to them. This is when you do what everyone else did before _any_ of these tormented weapons were even freely handed to you - you grind for em. Also had to grind chromatic as well since that was also needed within the upgrade path. So just as many others have done before you; were given free HM gems, pet aura, soul, weapons to upgrade.....a light or dark stone instead of sf premium trans. (or x3 of them as it was) grind for it. (you're gonna hear this a lot...) With ALL of these now free rewarded items you get, you should be prob well over-geared for the 3 dungeons that you obtain tormented weapon chests from. You should never need a full 6 man group for any of these (lets exclude necro for obvious reasons). So start running through fang or yeti until you get your weapon - its a grind, as some things should be. I went through the grind before there was ivorymoon but, I still had to do the grind on a few of my alts cause they were past the first 'free' tormented. Just do the grind (or use one of the alternative paths *shrug*). *Only thing I will somewhat agree on that has to do with being unable to obtain certain rewards from long completed story quests is when it comes to the new weapons models you get as there is no way to get sablesteel weapons which I wanna use to skin my gauntlets.
  11. Well the latter part if your response is pretty much what I think should have been in place in one form or another at least by now. I have no background info on what may of happened in an attempt(?) to make just any random player some authority figure (mod, GM, etc)....without even knowing though there is no way that would be anywhere near a smart decision, The idea of using seperate GM specific interface/gui would be a nice step to make but, it still cant be relying on any random player who decides he wants do it. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that many people would abuse being given essentially admin to the server. If they were to do something in such a way though, it would need to be almost as an employee. That is assuming they can't actually hire their own staff to handle the responsibilities (I'm unaware of their budget). If they were to go with players, they would need to have some measures in place in order to prevent possible abuse - submitting an account log for their GM/admin account which detailed any actions that were made. Also doing it for free wouldnt be all too fair given you're doing what should be their own job. Compensate with something such as providing premium account during the time. let em pick something cosmetic every X days weeks months etc. - you know, something that isn't a tier 14 weapon that would actually have an impact on the game for others. Personally, I just rather have someone employed to do this work. and not random guys #$12.,,,,,
  12. This is really going to be simple and straight to the point.....Is there anyone on these servers who could be called a GM? Support? Mod, admin, the presiding god of the server? I honestly doubt I would get any response from anyone representing NCsoft, community reps as well other then to simply say "we're going to pass this along" as is standard. The reason I ask this is because everyone already knows theres bots farming up servers - this isn't anything new. I also tend to take a min to actually report BOT in the player context menu when theres 4 or 5 stacked doing their thing. But im just sitting here looking at nearly 30? 40? destros all stacked up in one place trying to build their levels up so they can go forth and become the AI farmers they've always dreamed of *tear*. Its incredibly easy to see if there is a large number of bots in any single area, its only looking to find where they are. So I took 2mins and came across the mass of bots stacked up doing their thing. Eventually they will grow up and be the next wave of successful farm machines because there isn't anyone I can *nudge* and say "hey there are a massive numbers of bots here you should take a look" - and with just that they could wipe the entire group. More will eventually begin the grind to replace the others but.....it would still help deal with the whole 'bot' problem despite how insignificant it may sound. BUT, I don't have anyone to tell about this and I'm not gonna sit here clicking through every single name going down the list and reporting BOT for an hour - feels like more of a job then a game and I don't remember being employed by NCsoft. In the end, there isn't much I can do since it seems that the servers are more or less 'set it, and forget it' - no one actually paying attention, no one in game to provide support for these kind of issues. Oh well.,,,