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  1. The censoring starts NOW

    No. It's the whole point of their design.
  2. No. It's people like him supporting scummy p2w practices and horrible game design (why do you think the grind is so atrocious in this game?).
  3. I've also heard of people who had their legendary weapon materials refunded so they can swap the legendary to another class.
  4. hatred toward rich/paying players Need stop.

    No. You're actively ruining gaming for everyone (yourself included).
  5. This. Thanks for ruining gaming for everyone, whales.
  6. Stop trying to sweeten the pill inventing new "p2" names. IT'S THE SAME THING.
  7. Of course, but they have to find a balance.
  8. I've explained this time and again. Here we go again: Wallet warrios have a huge advantage over free players (or even premiums and people that refuse to buy gold), who are stuck in a heavy, insanely boring and punishing grind cycle. The grind would be immensely reduced if the game wasn't designed to make people want to pay real money to skip the insane grind, and if they weren't making so much money by (effectively) selling gold. And PVE is part of the game as much as PVP. Even more, actually. The goal of PVE is character advancement. So yes, they're effectively "winning" against other players. This, and let's not even mention the 6V6 battleground.
  9. Do we have to make a thread for every single one of those people?
  10. The game needs to be changed.

  11. kfm are really weak

    Removing greens from dungeon finder was really a fantastic idea.
  12. QUIT!!

    Soon nobody will be playing anymore! Thank god!