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  1. I think they should stop updating anything right *cricket*ing now and fix the numerous problems that are present in the current build.
  2. In Star Wars once you have collected an armor you like as long as you bind it to one character you can then unlock it fairly cheap in collections. You can then have infinite amounts of them whenever you want. So just let us do something like that. Have that event costume you like, pay a little extra and always have it for any character including new ones.
  3. Ya eventually you'll stop reporting them as well as there are just that many:) You'll see, and yes it is quite sad.
  4. Barf, there's much better outfits I'd rather see.
  5. You're an infinite iframe lol stunlock KFM and you're complaining about a Destro that has 1 hard stun escape and 1 iframe? OK............
  6. I've seen hackers in SWtOR maybe 5-10 of em and I played it since launch. Seen 1-3 in TERA but I've only played that a little over a year. This game is 3 months old and the game is OVERRUN with them, bots and hackerbots. It's ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is how week after week they ignore the issue and provide ZERO feedback on it, but in the live stream they tackled the Panda costume availability so WOOO HOOO!
  7. They can't because they're not doing anything, I doubt they ever will. A hacker in SWtOR would last all of 30 min if there are actually people there to see him.
  8. They won't, and as they claim to be working on it honestly I think they're doing nothing. I see the same ones week after week same bat time, same bat channel, same bat names, same bat locations. I think they probably could do something, I just think they're too incompetent to. They won't answer any questions about it as they NEVER answer any real questions.
  9. Pretty sure he does and I'm pretty sure you DON'T.
  10. Leveling up and having ONE toon is fun. Enjoyment will begin to bottom out once you get to 45-50. Hackers and bots are real open world and in PvP arena, so are AFKs in dungeons and in tag team pvp Don't believe the white knights, NC does nothing and doesn't care I've seen the same hackers in Soul Stone Plains for weeks now, same name, same location, same channel, many with youtube vids proving them hacks The "balanced" "zomg E-sport" PvP is NOWHERE near balanced Forget alts for the short term, even if you fully concentrate on ONE toon unless you're a CC swiper
  11. Ya I've reported the hackerbots on Jiwan, every single one of them still running around. Same names exact same locations usually the same channel. Really I would be embarrassed to be NCsoft and have this going on for weeks in my game.
  12. If you can't find stragglers in 24 man doing their own thing now what makes you think you would be able to find a COORDINATED group of 24 players?
  13. Says right on the page: "Treasure Trove Keys and Slot Expansions will be sold until April 26 (9am server time in NA/5pm server time in EU" You can still unlock the treasure through the trove UI itself 1 at a time.
  14. Had never played and NC game before and I never will again, I'll prob just cut my losses and quit tomorrow. All my friends quit 4 weeks after launch so I guess I might as well wise up too. So much money and time wasted, the game itself is great but the way they run it is absolutely horrible and greedy like you said.
  15. Ya figured that would be the case, will uninstall after I see patch notes probably. Was going to do dailies and stuff today just in case they actually did something now I'm not even gonna bother. No more sub and no more money from me NC you guys are just too terrible at running shit and you've ruined a good game, congrats. Anyway silver lining I'll use the money I save to go ahead and pre-order Overwatch :)
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